Does 1.0 brings "Healing Hand" skill tree?

I really hope so! :pray:

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Yes, that has been confirmed already. All skills will have skill trees at 1.0.


Great! Would be nice to have a preview, or the patch notes for 1.0 to see what other changes other classes have.

I expect they will release patch notes before launch. From what Mike said in his weekly stream, it’s HUGE :joy:

Did they confirm if each class actually has 5 skills now

Currently paladin has Sigils, Healing hands, holy aura and judgement.

And iirc the goal was “5 for each class”(with more being possible in the future)

No, some classes will only have 4 mastery skills at launch, with the remaining skills being added afterwards. Here’s Mike answering a similar question during the February 2, 2024 dev stream:


No there are a couple of masteries that do not have the same amount of skills as others.
This will come over with time however.

Paladin and Lich (Soul Feast got moved to Warlock) are the masteries that have fewer skills than the rest.

And Rogue has a bunch less skills in the base class and Bladedancer and Marksman only have 4 each.

I realy hope that Lich gets an overhaul for 1.1 or 1.2 and gets the missing skill + a large revamp or Reaper Form and Passive tree.
You cna just feel how oudated the class is compared to the newer ones.

My hope for the healing hands tree, if we haven’t already seen the tree and I’m being dumb, is that there’s a way to make it deal damage based on how much it would have healed so it’s damage based on heal effectiveness and that’d be a sick 2nd build idea for me this cycle. But that’s just a dreamin’ man’s wish.

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