Dear Last Epoch Team,
First of all, a big thank you for your efforts to deliver such a great game!
Many minor bugs etc. have already been reported and many players are also busy giving you feedback to make “Last Epoch” grow steadily.

One suggestion would be to introduce a “dodgeroll” to make the whole game experience more fluid and lively. Even 10 year old titles like “Grim Dawn” have retrofitted this feature to match the modern gameplay.

I think I speak on behalf of many players that this small change is a wonderful way to make your already wonderful game even more wonderful. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please search before posting. It’s basic forum etiquette. This has been posted about repeatedly and there’s no reason for there to be another.

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If I had found it, this post would not have been written.
Please post the article instead of making smart remarks…

You can literally type “dodge” into the search bar. If you didn’t find it, you didn’t try.


Ah, I see you’re the guy who’s against this mechanic and is now ranting.
Instead of rotting here in the forum and harassing people, you should get some fresh air.

Thank you for your helpful contribution in both posts ( Built in Dodge mechanic - #2 by demonobento ) and goodbye (not).

It’s irrelevant that I’m against it. You’re still cluttering up the forum with a duplicate post that isn’t saying anything new or interesting. If you think you have something worth saying about it, post it in an existing thread.

Again, this is basic forum etiquette. What would your dismissal be if I agreed with you and was in favor of this feature? You’d have nothing.

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watch out it’s the forum police haha. get a life


Actually, I was just about to ask if you are disabled, but that has now been resolved.

The initial response was not a “smart remark” as you put it, there is a rash of recent posts from new players who are asking the same questions or making the same suggestions without searching the Forum where a quick search would show that it’s been brought up already.

It’s better to do the quick search and find your answer or add your comments to it rather than just creating a new post without trying to find out if it’s already been answered.

@BroncoCollider wasn’t being a “forum police”, he was just trying to get the OP to try to use the Forum as it’s intended which would help him/her quicker and keep the Forum more streamlined.

No reason to get snarky and go on the attack, it’s easy to misunderstand someone’s intent when you are just reading a block of text.

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if a topic is brought up frequently by players, new or old, then it’s a topic that merits reposting. stop being a control freak and let people speak


No one is being a control freak, it’s more helpful and the devs get more out of it if you go to a post that has already been created for it and Vote on it. There are more ways to speak than just reposting the same thing over-and-over on the same topic. Your voice is heard just as well when you visit someone else’s post and comment or Vote there.

Actually, just posting the same things over and over again is not only annoying (no one likes to have to repeat the same things constantly, especially when it’s easily available for you to read) but it also removes visibility from your issue. Because a lot of repeated threads simply leads to a lot of less replies and a lot of less votes, since people become tired of it.
Which makes it seem like it’s no longer an important issue, since you get less and less engagement.


Reminded me of this xD

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So no dodge rolls. How about egg rolls? Or sausage rolls?

What a witty rejoinder and/or putdown which clearly shows your phenomenal intellect. It clearly shows that you are such a superlative example of masculinity/femininity/whatever that I how your parents are proud, especially given I am now slightly moist.

Jam rolls?

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