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BETA 0.8.5F
First Playthrough of game.
Only prior of knowledge of this game gained beforehand was some of Zizaran multiplayer stream from 15 September 2022.
Prior ARPG experience is lots of casual D2 play, a few D3 leagues and PoE Metamorph league.
Oh and Titan Quest playthrough and some other games I probably forgot.
So not a hardcore ARPG player by any definition. I just want to run around and kill things.

I know its a lot but I typed it down and uhh… here, have it.
These are just thoughts that popped into my brain as I played through.
Overall thoughts is I like it and look forward to full release.

Gender and race locked classes. Lame.

Playing Acolyte > Necromancer; want to focus on minions.

Minion walk/run animation doesn’t match their movement speed leading to them appearing to glide around.

Gamepad support still needs work in inventory, skill tree, passives, etc. (Assuming its still a WIP.)
I am grateful for its support due to hands easily cramping in m/kb sessions.

Early bosses had nice telegraphed attacks that made me move.
Even some regular enemies had telegraphed AoEs to dodge.
Hope animation/effect noise doesn’t make dodging these a royal PITA at late/end game.
Minions don’t come with me when I portal. Nearly got me killed more than once with respawning enemies on it.

Many skills have some lack of impact.
Improved sound and visual effects would go really far in pleasing my brain.

Level 13 - Find myself easily outpacing my 4 skeletons and 1 golem often being well ahead of them.
Sometimes difficult to get minions to target a specific enemy.
Perhaps have at least one prioritize the last enemy/direction a spell was fired at. IDK.

Why cant compare both rings?

Load times are significant. Makes me not want to go to town sometimes.
Gimmie Torchlight 2 pets please to send off to sell or store stuff! (Don’t forget to let me name it.)

Also Turtle Pet. Yes. Because I love turtles. That is all.
I like the animation of activating a waypoint. Needs a satisfying sound effect to go with it.

When having max skeletons, summoning another should replace the nearly dead one.

Odd that the currency is called gold. Feel like it should be something more lore relevant.

Pick up crafting items. > Clutter inventory. > Click button to move crafting inventory.
I hope I can unlock a feature later to do this automatically.
Why would I ever not pick up and store them?
If its something I will always want to do then its not a choice, its a chore.
If you’re dead set on me picking them up then just stick them in the crafting inventory when I do.

Game dropped FPS after alt tabbing out and back in. Disabling “Limit Background FPS” set me back to 60FPS.

WTF is adaptive spell damage.
Oh, crafting and roll item menu tells you. Neat.
Still don’t understand it though. May just be a matter of time to pick up on it.

Level 18. Feel like I need some sort of movement ability to dodge things.
Level 20. Realized I have transplant for that.

Oh noes. Noticed 7 different resistances and 6 additional defensive layers.
Sounds like it could be a nightmare to get them all right. Don’t know yet.

I like all the available stat information on character page.

Oh triangle button focuses minions. Neat.
Helps with my targeting issues I had earlier.

Also, give me PlayStation button options to change to.
Don’t go just the route of XBOX only, or autodetect only. An option to force whatever buttons I want.
Many use things like DS4 windows which appears as XBOX to windows.
Being able to choose PS4/5/etc. is best.

Acolyte passive Eye of Damnation: Damned Chance: 6% chance per point.
More information: This node does not give your minions a chance to apply Damned on hit.
So do I get 6% or not? Why does it give it but not give it?

Controller stopped working with certain UI elements.
Talking to people and inventory stopped working.
Restarted game to fix.

Level 21: Found the pet. And there is turtles!
So excited I couldn’t wait so looked up how to get online.
All in past supporter packs. Fucking Lame. Will to play dropped significantly.
How many exclusive rewards that already exist before the game is even out???
Bummed enough I stopped playing for like 2 days.
I know its silly but emotions aren’t always logical.

Next session. Should be able to double-click a character to select and enter game.
Currently have to select character and then click enter game to the middle/bottom.

My melee skeletons should be trying to run ahead of me.

Oooh. Built in item filter menu. I love this.
Played with filters, really like change color thing.
Need some sound alerts too.

Got fire golem. Not impressed by visual.
Need Fire that looks like a golem, not a golem on fire. :slight_smile:

In Ruins of Welryn of Ruined Era. Use portal to go sell stuff. Portal sends me to a ‘town’ with no shop…
Lose all progress in the map just to go sell stuff.
Stopped picking up items to sell shortly after anyway.

Alric wants us to jump off the boat in a storm. I have a portal…
Next mission Alric uses portals to teleport around to the sigils…

Hit level 35. Really starting to feel like a Necromancer/Minionmancer.

Satisfied enough with what I played so far.
Will probably wait for full release to play with a friend.

Hope MTX don’t ruin the game for me.
Already bummed that I cant have turtle.

Good luck with the game.
I know this isn’t easy and I appreciate the work done thus far!

– Turtle –

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Yeah, this is expensive but is a thing they want to change post-launch. It’s relatively expensive as t it requires double the animation, VO, etc and wasn’t budgeted for pre-launch.

The A key is your friend, not sure what it’s mapped to on a controller.

A lot of things you mention are subject to continuous improvement, such as controller support, skills lacking “impact”.

Unlikely to happen, there’s a big thread or two about it.

Generic spell damage that adapts to the elemental tags of the skill. Should be explained either as an alt ort ctrl text on items that have and in the in-game game guide (G by default).

It’s not, though some masteries have an easier time of it (Paladin) than others (anything Rogue).

You get it, not your minions.

PoE says hi.

Fair enough.