Do you plan to make reaper form good at melee?

Because I’m probably not alone surprised that it’s just a second health bar for caster.


You are not alone, bro.
I’ve treied unsuccessfully so many times, to make a viable melee reaper.

im playing as a melee reaper, working totally fine for me in empowered monos

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Probably because melee as Lich is just bad/relatively unsupported.

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That is it.

I am a bit confused.
Do you think that Reaper Form itself is not great for melee or Lich as a whole?

Because I think Reaper Form itself does pretty much the same thing for Melee and Casters.

I would love to see Reap (the active skill you get, when transforming) getting some love. Making it actually do decent damage (at least being able to clear white mobs) and possibly give Reaper Form some Nodes, that transform Reap fro ma Movement Skill into an all in Damage Ability. Like a cooldown Harvest on steroids or some whirlwind PBAoE or something.

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Reaper form isn’t the issue it’s the insane ammount of melee options the Lich has… like Harvest and… uhhh… well…

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I can’t quote for some reason but I know that reaper form benefit to melee as well. It just its synergi aren’t as greata s they are with caster build wich isn’t a given for noob since it has a melee attack attached to it most would expect it would had ben builded to scale better with melee build then caster.

But its attack are mostly to gain some speed.

most important is the movement skill tag and the option to even have two seperate movement skills or traversal skills as they are called now. That alone is broken in the current state of the game and the changes to traversal skills. The dmg part of reap is totaly crap and can be removed from my point of view. reaper form needs some kind of overhaul yes but at the end of they day the benefits for casters and melees are pretty much the same.

So they’ve undone the change a patch or two ago that made Reap share a cooldown with Transplant?

No, they implemented a Node that makes Reap and Transplant not share a cooldown, but massively increase Reap’s cooldown.

That is already very old and come in a coupel of hotfixes after the initial change to share their cooldown

Yup, I remember that now.