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Do you have a particular strategy for monoliths?

I’ve just been wondering how people run them when they’re trying to be efficient. Do you bee line for specific reward nodes? Look to maximize the xp/rarity buff? Try to up corruption as fast as possible? When you’re in the echos, do you just rush to complete the objective and move on or do you find it worthwhile to try to clear as much as possible to get the bonus loot drops from the chest at the end? Etc.

First I go in straight line to unlock the quests as fast as possible (unless I see something very juicy one echo away). Then I do the quests. Then I explore, either in the same direction or in another one. But I always start the same: straight line and boss rush.

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Rushing to the boss while killing big/rare packs along the way seems to be the most efficient way for me. The chest at the end seems to have some kind of diminishing returns which kicks in quite fast.

Special mention to the reroll/reset node. I do make a big net if i find these and then beeline for the exalted rewards.

Depends highly on the state of my toon. Normaly I try to get exalts, idols and such important stuff. Then again I run down nodes with some exp gains if I feel the need to get some passives. It realy changes dependend on the stuff I need.

I basically do the same as stated here by Shtrak, only rather than explore right away I like to start building up corruption until I feel it’s high enough to be worth farming and building my web while also not being too difficult and slow. Once I find the sweet spot I’ll explore and add or remove corruption as I feel I need to, prioritizing echo rewards that may be possible upgrades.

After every reset I’ll go in a straight line out in order to do the quests and boss, then explore. Just rinse and repeat from there.