Do we know favor -> reputation conversion rate(s), yet?

I wonder if there is already a table out there about which way to spend favor is most efficient to gain ranks as quickly as possible.

Or is there a fixed conversion factor?

Do we get reputation from every method to spend favor?

Which of the Factions are you referring to?
I cannot speak to the Merchant’s Guild, but for the Circle of Fortune it’s a 1 to 1 in terms of expenditure to Reputation.

Now, there’s a question as to whether not things like rerolls or what have you give Rank progress, and I don’t have an answer there.

Which puts all of the information into how much Favor you get doing various activities, I don’t know how Corruption in Monoliths might affect Favor gain fro example.

1 Favor = 2 reputation. You gain reputation when you gain the favor and when you spend it, so +2.