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Do we have permanent leagues as well as 3-month leageus (cycles)?

I know that Last Epoch will have cycles, which is similar to Path of Exile’s temp leagues. But at the end of each cycle, would all my characters and gear migrate to a permanent league, which I can continue to play long-term? I prefer to develop my characters nice and slow.

I couldn’t imagine that not happening. I personally don’t play standard (perm league) since it’s stale and cycles I generally feel like I’m working towards something. Unfortunately PoE has had a lot of awful rewards in their leagues so I skipped a bunch so that’s another factor for me. Also the league has to be good of course but I don’t see reason why there would be an issue migrating characters unless they did something like a void cycle if they try to get crafty at some point.


We will not be deleting your characters at the end of a three month Cycle; they’ll remain playable. They may be temporarily unavailable until the migration process has been completed.

thanks for reply. Glad to hear that LE will also have a perm league.

Do you guys have any plans to try to keep the permanent league relevant (within your necessarily limited means, naturally), or will it more likely become a dumpster league as it has in PoE?