Do Void-Knights ride invisible horses?

Please forgive the jokey title…

I went back to levelling a VK alt from a few weeks ago and for some reason, the footsteps sound effect for when he moves now sounds really weird. It sounds more like a horse running or perhaps the sound you’d expect if two chars were running side by side. You might call it an echo (ha!).

I restarted the game and also loaded up a few of my alts, including Paladins and Forge Guards and this effect does not happen with anyone except the VK.

It is driving me mad. Anyone hearing this and knows what I am talking about?

Heh heh…

I listen to music while I play so I never realised this but you are 100% correct…

Sounds like the void knight has to do a clippety clop whenever he stops running… None of the other Sentinels make the same noise - at least not that I can hear.


Monty Python style!


I have some coconuts to spare…

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Message for you, Sir!

First step towards audio MTX :smiley:

Edit: Didn’t mean to specifically respond to Macknum. More a general response. :smiley:

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Yeah yeah, laugh it up. This sound effect is literally driving me crazy. It’s NOT FUNNY.

Will they be carried by an African or a European swallow?

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If Vapourfire’s sending them then clearly African.

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The question is laden or unladen. You see the African swallow has a measured airspeed velocity of…

Well, now you’ve done it…