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Do "reduced health drain" passives affect Reaper Form?

I was initially under the impression that they did, but upon better reading the description of the passives I’m not sure anymore.

Volatile Blood, for example, is worded as follow:

Important to note that Reaper Form description emphasizes that the health it drains is not based on your maximum nor on your current health - so it’s not a percentage.

Edit: Made some tests with respec and video recording, and indeed they do not affect Reaper Form.

Yes, Reaper Form is Health Decay, which is not affected by all the different passvies in Acolyte and Lich that recudes Health Drain.

The only thing that affects the Health Drain in Reaper Form currently is the node “Mistress Of Decay”.

All the different passives from Acolyte and and Lich only affects the other passives, that have Health Drain.

  • Health Drain Passives:
    Acolyte: Blood Pact
    Lich: Unclosing Wound, Elixir of Death, Mind over Body

  • Reduced Health Drain Passives:
    Acolyte: Crimson Gluttony
    Lich: Volatile Blood