Do over-capped Resists affect the Resistance reduction per Zone Level?

See title.


  • I have 125% Void resistance
  • I go to a level 50 zone (-50% to resists)
  • What is my effective Void resistance?

A. 125-50=75%
B. 75 (CAP)-50 = 25%

p.s. This should be shown on the (C)haracter sheet.

B. Cap is applied before penetration.


Overcapping only works against shred.

Best case you take 0 extra damage (max res) worst case you take 75% extra damage (0 res). So resistances are linear in effect and capping is not mandatory. Compared to the take 300% extra damage in a classical 0/75 system the -75/0 System is brilliant.

The gameguide allready tells you this ingame. And so does one of the loading screen tipps.

And “Mark For Death” and “Shock”

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