Do lower level skills level faster?

If I have a skill at, say, level 15, and I decide I don’t want 5 of the passives, is it worth respeccing and losing 5 levels because it would level faster at level 10? Like, 10 to 15 is faster than 15 to 20 so I get the next 5 points faster?

Every skill spec level has a fixed amount of requried exp, which ramps up.
(So yes Level 10 to 15 is faster than 15 to 20)
So in your case it depends on the changes you want to make to the skill.

If you want to remove certain nodes and take other instead you can respec the entire skill and take your priority nodes.

But overall that would lose you some more exp/time.

in addidtion to heavys points: there is a catch up mechanic. if most of your skills are level 15ish for example and one is level 10, the level 10 skill would gain a buff to its XP gain. this will also be stated under the skills xp bar.

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I did exclude that because even with the catch up mechanic the time it takes from level 10 to 15 is still longer than when you respec individual points and go from level 12 to 15

I also excluded a lot more other mechanics,
for example there is a arbitrary character level threshold, where your skills don’t gain any meaningful exp until your character reached the threshold to gain normal exp again (this is put into place to equallize the skill levels at the top. (When you respec a skill it gains more experience up until a point, but your already high level skills don’t level any further anyway).

This leads to having the difference between your highest and lowest skills usually only being 2-3 levels.

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Thanks. I only had 5 points I wanted to change that were off on their own and so I got rid of those 5 to put somewhere else in the future. So I didn’t need to respec back to level 1 or whatever, just to level 10.

It catches up faster than you think. Just go for it.

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