Do i actually need to finish the story?

Sorry weird question but is there a reason a character has to finish story mode? seems like the endgame content is unlocked at lower levels (just finished second age and onto the third.)

Sorry if silly question?

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You get extra passive points and unlock idol slots. You don’t have to finish the story but it is highly recommend.


You gain additional Relic Slots and passive Points with the story and it is a LOT quicker to finish the story for 1 or 2 more passive points than to grind a level at 70+.


thanks. But not reason I couldn’t sit and do some endgame stuff then go back to the story mdoe later

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You can do that also, you are not FORCED to finish story to use monolith/arena.
If you like to level first do that and finish current story when you want.


I couldn’t access monolith or Arena on a low level character myself.

You absolutely can. You can access the monolith as soon as your character gets to the End of Time. You can access the arena as long as you have a key.

I usually try not to do this because I like finishing the campaign and I don’t really want to trivialise everything.

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I see thanks i tried but couldn’t see how it was done so i figured low characters cannot enter which makes sense to what you said.

Also i’ve never once seen these keys you spoke of so maybe they are high level only. On a plus i do not like arena modes in arpg, gets boring after 2 sec for me.

No, you get an arena key every 5th timeline you complete (so timelines 5, 10, 15, etc) with a small chance for them to drop on the other monoliths. But if you’re getting to timeline 4 & then resetting, you’ll never get one.

I see i’m max level 40 on my shaman and i’m in a desert part of the story so i have no idea what timeline number i am… also this timeline story is confusing.

Timeline is for the monolith, it has nothing to do with the campaign. Each monolith run you complete adds 1 to your “timelines completed” number & when that hits a multiple of 5 you get an arena key from the chest after you’ve exited the monolith. It’ll be more obvious once you start doing them.

I see thanks, i have no interest in doing them though sadly i only enjoy the story content in games.

I remember a post where it was stated that the access to endgame content this early is only a temporary solution for beta. After release the monolith and arena might propably be gated behind story completion.


seems like that’d be a poor design decision.

Are you going to explain your position a bit more detailed? For example “why” do you think restricting endgame content to endgame characters would be a “poor” design decision?

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Maybe because running through the same story on th 10/20/30th character can become a little tedious? At least progression isn’t so slow that they make us run through 3 difficulties before the end game. That particular content stretching “mechanic” needs to die in a fire…

That may be true. But what’s the point to have a story then?

I think it might also be very tedious to play the same repeating endgame modes not only at endgame, but also when you level a new toon (even more when it’s the 30th toon).

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You get passive points from side quest. While you don’t need them they are very nice to have and that’s the only reason to sink time into the storyline.

And idol slots.

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