Do effects requiring low health work using Shroud of Obscurity

I found using the [Shroud of Obscurity] and focusing of Wards (since I also use [Chronicle of the Damned]) is quite workable.

As I sit on about 90 health will I get all the bonuses from spells/passives/effects on items that denote low health (such a +%damage buffs or +Wards)?

If so this synergy of unique items I have, then coupled with Wandering Spirits (I have Drain Life, Bone Curse, Transfer also), seems pretty damn strong if I keep my Wandering Spirits up and make sure I don’t get one shot when my wards are lost.

Currently using the Lich Passive of Healing on Damage > pure damage as Drain Life doesn’t mess with my Wards where before it was a mix between full health and strong Ward defence. Just wondered if this was just me overloading on the numbers or was actually an issue with Health Draining and the Shroud of Obscurity effects.

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Yes Low Health Ward with uniques like Shroud, Exsanguinous and Last Steps of the Living works with “Low Health” Conditions.

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