Dive bomb not doing damage

To whom it may concern,

On some maps especially Rotten and Arid ones, in rarer cases on other maps, for some reason Dive Bomb bugs and does no damage. I made a video of it:
Dive Bomb 0 dmg

Please check it. It may have something to do with bugging when used together with falcon strike at the same time but they cancel each other. From that point on, on that map, dive bomb will not work 9/10 times.

Thanks in advance for looking at it.

Can confirm I am also getting this bug on my Falconer. I’ve not noticed it specifically on any certain tilesets, but I would say nearly 1 in 3 of my echoes I have to run with my Dive Bomb doing absolutely zero damage which is a HUGE DPS loss for my build.

Hey, I posted a method to reproduce this bug on another post, since is older and have more replies I’ll post the link here.

Maybe there’s another way to do this, but since my method is easy to reproduce it can help devs to fix all.

You have the talent On Wings of Shadow, which states Dive Bomb will prioritize shadows. Smoke bomb creates shadows, so if you have one up that has shadows that’s where the Bomb will go. Its annoying but not sure it’s a bug.

Also, Dancing Shadows make small bombs keep going off, which interacts with the Cloud Gathering talent to keep smoke bomb going. The reason it stops sometimes is because you are capped at 3 shadows, so when they spawn elsewhere, bombs will stop going off in the smoke.

I agree on On Wings of Shadow interaction, but when you are 3 screens away from the Smoke Bomb and the Dive Bomb still not doing damage… for sure its not intentional.

I tested a while tonight. I think Dancing Shadows is bugged (and Cloud Gatherer also…).

As I understood, ‘On Wings of Shadow’ make the shadow falcons prioritize your shadows, but not your main falcon? I can see the normal falcon drop in another place, but as long as there are shadows, it makes zero damage. Even if my smoke bomb is far away. This can’t be intentional.

As I said, I can see my falcon drop outside of the area with my shadows, I see the visual effect of them hitting the enemies, but zero damage.

Also ‘Cloud Gatherer’ is bugged, often the smoke bomb gets stuck in one place forever and never disappears.

When I don’t have Dancing Shadows, this does not seem to happen.

I’m also having this problem currently. I thought that it was the Wings of Shadow interaction as well, but I’ve had multiple moments where even within my shadowed area it will do zero damage.

It seems to be certain tilesets and to come and go.

It’s really hurting my progression as essentially I’m down my main damaging ability.

I also experienced or should I say noticed this bug today. It is extremely frequent and happens more often than not. I honestly don’t even want to play my Falconer anymore until this is resolved. Too big of a bug on your most important skill.

Me too. This is starting to become frequently

I posted further findings to this issue.

I spawned in and tested it by dropping only dive bomb on the first enemy i saw and it registered zero damage. Def a bug

This happens to me all the time I’m thinking of switching my build but can’t find any others that can do high corruption anyone have any suggestions

Any updates on that? Its annoying af and I am thinking of switching Smoke Bomb for something else

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Me too, doesnt get any update