Dive Bomb NO damage, Deflect and Weave NOT working, Recent Disconnects

A few things recently.

2 disconnects in one day / session when there were none for a hand full of days.

Dive Bomb sometimes does no damage at all; have to exit and reenter map.

Deflect and Weave not converting shield block chance into chance to receive glancing blows.

Bug report with data sent ingame.

Thank you.

I can speak on the Dive Bomb bug. It seems to be because of the “Cloud Gatherer” skill node. Not sure why but I had the bug occur today as well. I just removed the skill point from the node and it fixed it so far. It’s only been about 30 mins since I changed it, but it seems to have solved the issue at least until they fix it.

Doing this did not fix the issue for me.

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