Distance Change For New Area Port

Hi there, I am currently addicted to this game, well done, it isn’t easy to do in these disappointing times in the gaming world. I just thought I would give my 2cents on a change I feel would be welcome.

I feel that the distance that your character is from a door, or path to a new zone before relocating needs to be shortened (Possibly halved), because every time I try to get close to read where a zone is taking me, it already enters me into a loading screen. If the distance from the zone change was shorter, I feel it would be less jarring, and you could actually read the floating text before deciding to commit. The first time I got close to a zone change, I thought my game froze, because I’m not running on an SSD… (At least I think that might be why, I was playing offline).

Hopefully this gets considered, thanks for your time!

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