Display of minion damage

Need some tool to be able to see the change in minion damage, I understand that this may be difficult to implement, but all classes have builds through minions, but there is absolutely no way to see their damage in numbers

Complexity of implementing display dmg is irrelevant. Every game has it and every other game is clear about it. Here its just still a Beta game and i feel like after release 1.0 it still gonna be a beta game for at least a year. Right now many things require fixing and re-designing

The problem with minions specifically is that they are snapshot. So which DPS should be shown? The DPS if they were summoned now or the DPS when the specific minions were summoned when they were summoned? If it’s the latter, how would you handle temporary buffs that are applied to individual minions (eg, Dread Shade or some of the buffs Eterra’s Blessings give to healed minions)?

You aren’t wrong, but it’s also not a trivial thing to do. But yes, it should be done. Hopefully the putative new character screen will help, whenever we get to see that.