Disintengrate Fix suggestions

So obviously every one knows about the op unique item combo that is currently reqired to play the skill. so that needs to be nerfed hard
here are some ideas on how to make this skill stand on it’s own.

There are currently no supporting passives on the mage tree or on items that provide dual elemental penetration. So you are forced to convert Disintegrate into one element or the other for efficient scaling
The Fix: make a node that applies fire shred when you shock, “when not converted” but loses the ability to ignite.
As for items: All offensive suffixes are on hit effects. So skills like Disintegrate or Infernal shade should be able to apply those effect each second or you should add new suffixes for non-hit play styles.
I think the skill applying on hit effects would be the best solution. There are a lot of defensive on hit effects and god knows you need a lot of defense when standing still.

Besides all that. Just buff the base damage. It’s really bad lol.

What is the unique item combo for disintegrate? So I can finally use it until they make it properly good

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