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Disintegrate Suggestion

So disintegrate is in a pretty bad spot right now, the only way for it to be effective is using ganbler’s fallacy with the rare catalyst, not to mention it dies easily, so my suggestion is a total remake of the skill or… maybe more nodes, a cold conversion would be pretty cool, like an ice ray where you could freeze everything around you while damaging enemies. Just a suggestion.

Yip… unlikely to get any argument there…

disintegrate has been the topic of discussion for years now and I would bet good money that some sort of rework of the skill is on the devs to-do lists… Its one of the oldest skills currently available in game and lacks the polish of the newer ones - so by comparison its even worse than it seems when viewed on its own.

I think Llama8 brought this up as far back as early 2020 if you are interested in searching the forum to see what kinds of ideas others have had…

I really hope that they will introduce charged skills.
Not only for Disintegrate, but for other skills too.
The idea of changing skills from “klick” to either charged or channeled is very interesting to me.
I already mentioned that this might make Disintegrate very similar to Divine Ire and that EHG might not like this and try to be more “unique” with their skills, but honestly I would love to play a build where you can charge your Disintegrate and with every stage the damage and area increases so you can release a big f*cking beam.
Pretty similar to the channeled version but of course you don’t have a beam while charging but instead all the damage when releasing the charge.

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