Disintegrate Spell Feedback

Disintegrate spells, or BF beams, are my absolute favorite spell to play in any game. LE gets LARGE portions of this playstyle perfectly - Can’t move, locus of power, rewarded for standing still for longer, etc. I love this spell. I have been playing it for a while and wanted to provide feedback.

  1. The spell doesn’t work with verticality. This makes some areas and several arenas really difficult, and you’re forced to just stand somewhere relatively flat so that you don’t die.

  2. Certain passives are not reflected visually, but should be. If you get increased range, the beam doesn’t get longer, but things just die beyond the end of the beam. Also, it would be awesome if there was any visual indication that your beam was reaching stage 2/stage 3. Obviously making the beam beefier would be awesome, but even a small pulse at your feet would at least communicate that something had happened.

  3. The game is inconsistent about how ailments are described. “Ignite on hit with fire skills” and “ignite chance with fire skills” are both used, but I think they do exactly the same thing. Some players may think they’re getting ignite chance from sources where they aren’t. Also, the nodes that do apply ailments from disintegrate’s DoT are confusing. I got about 5 stacks of shock in a single second of video I recorded. My build does not hit. I don’t know how this happened.

  4. a) The spell feels, overall, really weak compared to other spells. You are very vulnerable while standing still, and it feels like the tradeoff is to deal less damage than other characters. This spell deals less damage than others even after you’ve reached beam stage 3 after 2 seconds of channeling, which is very difficult to pull off.
    b) Ignivar’s Head + Gambler’s Fallacy is absurdly strong for this spell. If 3a) weren’t true, this interaction would make this spell absolutely bananas. It would be much more healthy if this interaction could be removed so that the base specialized skill could be strong.

  5. This is a primary damage skill that does not hit. Because of this, the suffix pool for certain pieces (wands, in particular) are a bit of a bummer. It would be nice if there were more suffixes not focused on hitting.

On the topic of Ignivar’s, the ignite chance is a bit of a bummer considering you have a hard time hitting with much while building around disintegrate. But maybe that’s intentional?

For #3 you likely have points in the Feedback or Unbridled Power nodes which apply stacks of shock per second.

But yeah, Disintegrate is a bit disappointing.

Yeah, that’s what I was trying to reference in the previous sentence. I gained 7 stacks in about a second. That node appears to give a certain chance to gain 1 stack per second. I’m not sure how I could gain so many stacks so quickly

Im leveling disintegrate as well, lightning. It feels freakin weak. Should I save myself time and do something else?

ignivars is the best build by far, you end up with 800% more dmg+ for 2 slots and a few inc spell crit chance things. Just dont use anything that hits.

Yeah, just to clarify, you use Ignivar’s Head catalyst and Gambler’s Fallacy Amulet (quest reward). Then, you have to make sure you NEVER hit anything. For example, if you use flame ward, you need to pick nodes that disable retaliation damage, because those are hits.

Sample build based on the above: Sorcerer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.4e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Its somewhat better when you use it to proc LB

Oh wait, its LB lightning, strongest element again.

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