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That’s my current build, not sure why my resists aren’t capped in it, because they are in game and I double checked all my items after I entered them (I’m guessing it has something to do with the way it calculates them). All of my items are at 0 Forging Potential, so aside from just finding better items, what can I change to perform better?

I start fights by popping Flame Ward twice, then Arcane Ascendence, which puts me around 1400 ward at the beginning of boss fights, but if I don’t drop the boss really quickly I get into trouble. I burn through trash in less than a second, normal echo bosses are fine as well, but the big guys like timeline bosses, dungeon bosses, and Orobyss are kicking my ass. Is there something glaringly obvious I can change in my build or gear, or is it … as I fear … and old man lacking skill issue?

EDIT: I’m just entering into Empowered Monos.

It might be that your affixes have better than average rolls but the planner is set showing the average. If you select max then it shows capped.

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It’s been a week, anyone able to help me out?

Sorry about the wait, bud, but HELP HAS ARRIVED! XD
((crap, oh wait… need up update my darn build planner…))

Several things here:
This build is geared 100% for pure OFFENSE. My only goal here was to build to Max ToolTip DPS. I haven’t bothered to put all my actual gear in every slot. The DPS on the tooltip for this build as is: 1.98 million. No, that’s not a joke. This build one shots everything – about 9000 to 13000 actual DPS on HIT against every mob which is enough to vaporize most uncommons and rares, with the odd mob taking two to three ticks for High Health Rares WITH health modifiers. Against bosses the ticks will increase to about 80000 per tick.

The Disintegrator as built here is a COMPLETE glass cannon. Despite the Ward from Flame Ward, Focus, and passives, it is nowhere near enough to offset health and res issues. You cannot trigger the Lost Knowledge passive with this build.

The reason I have two Ring of the Third Eye in this build is that this is a low level item that is very easy to get high LP on – I have two with 3LP each, making them a fantastic addition to DPS. The long term goal on this build is to finally push over 2m DPS (just waiting for things to drop) and pushing pure health on most of the non-unique pieces (chest/gloves/boots/belt).

Suggestions for improvements on my build are much appreciated!!!

Couple other notes about this playstyle:

  1. You will need to use focus to recharge from time to time. IT IS INEVITABLE. --Palpatine
  2. You cannot stay in Arcane Ascendance too long. You will have to shut it off and move, although one of my favorite tricks is to use teleport while in AA just to shift position.

Why are you using Gambler’s Fallacy? Disintegrate is a DoT and DoTs can’t crit. Your HP is okay but could be a bit higher, and you have almost no armor at all.

Disintegrate is a tough spell to build around for late game since it forces you to stand still. You’re going to need to boost your armor and HP for extra survivability to push end game farther.

Gambler’s Fallacy = 100% base cri chance, which relates to ignivar’s head, spell cri chance = Disintegrate’s more damage

my current bd is Sorcerer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.0i) - Last Epoch Build Planner
and future would be Sorcerer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.0i) - Last Epoch Build Planner
haven’t got the gears to make it sure.
I have currently 3 million dps shown on tooltip, after fully buff it hit up to almost 8 million but I cannot kill t4 boss in full mana (450), those dps mean nothing.
reason not using the Ascendance’s chronoclasm to gain slow more damage because while Disintegrate is on use would not causing slow, correct me if I m wrong…

Correct, unless you took the Unbridled Power node which would give it a chance to apply Shock, Ignite and Slow per sec at stage 3. Or the Temporal Entrapment node.

You have made quite a few different choices than I have – I will play around with your version of the build for sure – You have more Legendaries than I do at present but that wand? The witch’s sceptre will get your DPS even higher. The Meteor choice is interesting using arcane to teleport and using the fire pen buff from Meteor – Too bad the Meteor Belt is only on-hit. XD

So what I’m seeing, is that I need to drop my defensive mindset and just focus on being able to vaporize bosses in seconds, because I can never get enough defense to matter if I’m using Disintegrate. Does that about sum it up?

Many bosses can’t be vaporized in one channel of Disintegrate. But, yes, generally, the bossing strategy is: dodge the mechanics and big one-shot attacks and pick your time to take 5-10 seconds to do maximum burst damage.

You can’t completely forget about defenses, but there is no way in a Disintegrate build to be “Tanky”.


Thanks for the advice.

edit: oops, I mistakenly edit my previous reply,
current bd: Sorcerer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.0i) - Last Epoch Build Planner I have very close to the current.
wish: Sorcerer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.0i) - Last Epoch Build Planner
I have almost zero with my wish. I have them in offline mode and tried.

kinda need more skill level tho, I have a new version to take the slow 24% more damage, Temporal entrapment has 40% chance of slow, I test it out well, Unbridled power slow chance 25% is a bit lower.

A “Witch’s Sceptre” is just the “Argent Sceptre” that is listed with a T6 or T7 +Spell Crit Chance affix.

Not sure why you’re using Slow or Dex (other than just as a boost with Mourningfrost boots) – Slow is pretty useless as the Disintegrate build vapes everything in one to three ticks (rare +health OX mobs might = 3)

I’ll have to test the Atrophy gloves and Soulfire in the build but its hard to get a relic with +3 or +4 Disintegrate – let alone a unique with enough slots on it to try and get a merge.

On boots, belt, gloves I am usually trying for pure health – +Vitality where possible, + Health, +Hybrid Health just to withstand those big hits. Sometimes I get more +DoT or Crit Strike.

On the Chest and Idols I’m surprised you’re not more focused on chance to critstrike with +300 mana – those drastically increase the dps of the build.

On the rings I still think the Eye rings with LP might be better than the Stardial – I will have to do some testing there as well.

I also looked over your skills and want to make some changes to my setup to see where that takes the DPS – I still think that the Craterborn Buff is insane but without other +move items unless you are really mechanicing well you will get hit with OS attacks.

There’s a more modifier v slowed mobs & yes, the +dex is for the boots.

LLAMA8 already answer, other part to “vapes everything in one to three ticks” is that slow mods 24% more damage (in Arcane Ascendance’s chronoclasm node) is very need in boss fight.

I am not good at math, not so sure double cri chance and spell damage while channeling on chest which one goes higher. But those are good affixes, you can either choose max cri or flat spell damage.

For idols, I use lots of health + x% health to avoid one-shot kill, 2k+ health is better in many situations.

You should really check those stardial rings, you will see.

basically max out the dps to one shot kill everything, since it s a standing still attack, it is very hard to keep standing.

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