Disintegrate and skill/build diversity

Since the addition of Glyph of Dominion, I have been playing around with different ideas for Disintegrate builds. It has come to my attention that a lot of the really cool and interesting things you can do with various other skills can’t be done if you’re using Disintegrate as a main skill. While thinking about this I had an epiphany of sorts: that you could create a ton of interesting options for support skills for a Disintegrate-focused build by making a slight change to the Singularity unique idol. If this idol did exactly what it said it does and eliminated the ability to do critical strikes without reducing critical chance to zero, then it could be used to enable the use of all kinds of support skills for disintegrate. This could be super interesting and fun. And the idol would still do exactly what it says it does now, it would just accomplish it by some kind of “can not crit” flag rather than by reducing crit chance to zero.

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While I totally see where you are coming from. This still feels like a bandaid to a deeper underlying problem.

Disintegrate only works well in conjunction with Ignivar’s Head. This alone is a failure in design and shouldn’t be supported by even more other items that are mandatory.


I don’t necessarily disagree, but this would allow a lot of skills which do hit to be used alongside of disintegrate, which adds a lot of options which aren’t there now. this may not “fix” disintegrate, but it makes it a lot more interesting to play around with… and idk… might actually do a lot for it. Just as one example, currently on disintegrate you’re forced into a particular spec on flame ward to disable retaliation. With this change you could try out other specs on that, or any other skill that you wanted to use which can hit/crit.

I think this suggestion is a good idea personally. They just added a runemaster skill that buffs disintegrate- Glyph of Dominion, but this is currently unusable with disintegrate because it explodes at the end, which hits, and removes your dmg from Ingvar’s Head. I liked the idea of this idea supporting disintegrate, but again, it is unusable (with disintegrate) because Ingvar’s head is mandatory for disintegrate.

Agree (Ignivar+ gambler’s), I feel like Ignivar’s and things like the new Runic Invocation chest Fundamental Criterion - Unique Vul'kaur Regalia - Body Armour - Last Epoch Item Database should be passives and the uniques should be reworked.

I totally agree as well, but this post isn’t about the philosophy of whether some unique items should/shouldn’t be required. It’s about doing something which would be a minor change and could improve the current state of Disintegrate.

I mean, isnt the post about making a change to another unique, that would make it also mandatory?

Fair enough, this change would also enable gambler’s fallacy for serpent venom.

Disintigrate is a funny skill, because you can get x15 more damage multiplier from ignavar and its still bad.

Without the x15 its practically unusable…

I mean, technically you’re not wrong… it does continue that direction… however we’re talking about a 1x1 idol, not a primary gear slot, so I think it’s a very minor step in that direction. What it would enable as far as variety in skills you could utilize alongside disintegrate would be enormous however.