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Disembowel + Bleed Chance Conversion (Maehlin's Hubris)

So I’m trying to make an Ignite Acid Flask build work and I came upon Maehlin’s Hubris, which converts all sources of Bleed Chance to Ignite Chance.

Disembowel is a node on the Rogue passive tree that applies additional Bleed stacks to every 3rd non-channelling melee/bow/throwing attack. I’m wondering, with Bleed Chance conversion, is this node affected, making it apply 5 Ignite stacks instead?

Yes, that is what should happen.

Ah, that’s good to know… I should note, I was wondering because the node simply says +5 Bleed stacks rather than +500% chance to Bleed. Perhaps it should be changed to the latter wording to prevent confusion, unless it is desired that the 5 stacks wouldn’t be affected by multiplicative modifiers to chance to bleed or something.