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Discord is down

If anyone was having problems getting to the EHG discord…

Increase API Error Rate and Push Error Rate

Investigating - While monitoring this issue a new issue has occurred causing an major outage of the API. Oncall Engineering is working to correct this situation.
Mar 8, 10:12 PST

Update - As part of recovery, the root cause was also detected in our streaming service. A controlled restart was performed of this service which would have caused a temporary disruption of streaming, this should be operating correctly at this time.
Mar 8, 10:08 PST

Monitoring - Remediations appear to have restored service to normal operation, Oncall Engineering will monitor for full recovery
Mar 8, 09:54 PST

Identified - The root cause has been determined, remediations have been executed to restore service.
Mar 8, 09:53 PST

Investigating - We are currently investigating an increase in API Errors and Push Notification Errors.
Mar 8, 09:16 PST