Disconnecting when porting to players or to me

When porting to me or porting to other we get a disconnected from server message. Then we are unable to port to each other for a period of time without disconnecting. I have a suspicion my internet is the culprit and hoping you can see something.

Once a friend tries to port to me we cannot port to one another. We ended up giving up last night, if the issue persists I will post more logs. If more info is needed or testing due to my type of internet (4G LTE Wireless) please let me know.
Player.zip (2.7 KB)

I’ve been having the same problem with a friend. I disconnect and then when I use the party window to teleport to him I disconnect again. The only way we’ve been managing to make this better is by having my friend go to a different zone then I port to him

Happened again and is somehow tied to my internet connection. My friend tried to port to me and is now locked out of his character. Here are the player logs.

If you need to do some testing do not hesitate to ping me with a message on Discord.

Last Epoch again.zip (39.6 KB)

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