Disconnect/ Lose connection on changing area, only in party

I am unable to transition areas, but only when I play with other people. Single player works 95% of the time, with few disconnects here and there, but multiplayer is practically unplayable, as I’m booted to the main screen every time I change areas. I’m the only one in my friends group with this issue.
On launch day, I was also the only one of my friends, not getting into the queue. I got directly into character select, but got the same error message when trying to enter game, that I’d been disconnected then sending me back to main screen.

I don’t know if the two are connected, but I thought I’d mention it.


I have the exact same problem. In a party I can’t transition zones. The only thing that works is waiting until someone else has loaded in and then go in myself.
I have discovered it is probably the internet. Because when I play with my gf and we’re both at my place she has the exact same issue and it really becomes unplayable. When she’s at her place she can easily load in anywhere in a party… Anyone any idea on how to fix this?

I still assume it’s an EGH issue. Internet works in any other game, and mostly when playing alone.
However it is very plausible it may be related to ISP or network setup. I’m going to try and look through my network setup and see, if I can find anything that might help EHG troubleshoot. Thought it might be a long shot.

Found my logfile, in case EHG needs it.

Player.log (119.4 KB)

Also trying to troubleshoot with my ISP about the issue.