Disappearing Wolf

Every time I swap a weapon my wolf disappears. The only way to get it back is to go to the main menu and restart the character.

Same. Seems to happen with any Primalist companions, too. Can resummon after swapping the summon skill back and forth on the skill bar

Same here. Any weapon swap and my companions disappear. Will have to try the summon skill swapping as logging out and in is a real pain.

Today I took the time to report some bugs that I wrote down yesterday, one of which is the fact that you were able to unequip an item while the minion maintains the benefits of the unequipped item.
It seems that this situation is not a bug but a solution to that other case that I can no longer replicate.
The problem occurs that when it disappears the skill does not reset to the default and remains as if the minion were still active.

Same here…

I’ve confirmed this internally and we’ll include a fix in 0.7.10c. Thanks for the report!

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