Disappearing crafting materials in multiplayer

The Host is using the coop-partners materials first when he is crafting.
We tested it with “Rune of Acendance”, “Rune of Shattering” and “Glyph of Hope”.
The UI does not update properly in the crafting menu for the host and the coop partner.
The host can craft more then he has displate in his crafting menu.
But the coop partner cant craft anymore if the host used up his crafting materials.
Works for Runes and Glyphs but not for Shards.

Kind Regards

Can confirm this is happening to me. I was in party with friend and all my mats were gone even though i didnt craft and he was the whole time. For example he was using Glyphs of Chaos and I had 0 and he had 90 without me noticing