Disabling Chat should remove you from all Chat Channels

If I specifically disable a feature, it’s because I don’t want to see it.



Maybe he had forum chat disabled so he didn’t see any of those other posts.


Surprising that something hasn’t been done yet considering how often it gets brought up.

Chat is probably a lower priority than not being able to progress quests & stuff.

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If chat was fixed asap what you’d see instead is “why has servers not been fixed. my ping is 8 bazillion. you wasted time fixing stupid stuff like chat that nobody cares about when I can even play game.”

It is a no-win situation for EHG to try and please all the people all the time, as some famous dude once said. My money is on them setting priorities since they know more of the big AND little picture of what needs fixed and what sort of manpower they have to allot it.

They’ll get most right. Some wrong. In the end, it’ll keep getting better and better.

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I would be shocked if EHG did not have separate people to work on those things. I know that they’re a small team, but are they really that small?

I don’t think it’s an ASAP fix since it’s not “I broke prod” material, it’s just very annoying and I’m surprised that it’s been like this for so long.

Fully agree! Was very jarring to disable it yesterday and then have it still pop up and clutter the screen. Very confusing and frustrating.

Of course they do, but they still have to prioritise stuf that gets worked on. Just because they have multiple people working on different things doesn’t mean that they’re going to prioritise the thing that is most important to you/me/any random player.

I can really see that high priority on fixing quests. The one that has you collect crab meat is still broken since 0.9 …

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