Different color options for tier 5+ items (colorblind mod)

Hi all,
Great game. As title says I can’t tell a difference between purple and blue items, its all blue to me xD(i hope its blue :grimacing: ). I’ve seen that the mod for HUD will be implemented in some older posts, just wondering any update for that, or maybe just more color options for dropped items?
Anyway, keep up the good work!


Same here. Struggling with the colours :sweat_smile:

Agreed! I cannot tell the difference at all. Potentially make a different suffix/prefix icon than a circle for the exalted affixes as well as more contrasting colors.

In the end, you’d like to see customizable loot filters as an option for those of us with color issues.

If the suffix/prefix icon directly told us the tier of the affix that would be very helpful and agreed that we need more color options. I’m not even color blind and purple is too close to blue for my liking.

Best solution would be an item filter, where you self can decide what & what not to see, and in different colors, like https://filterblade.xyz/ for POE

Yes, that’s on their list-of-things-to-do, they have said it’s more likely to be similar to Grim Dawn’s. As long as we can have specific affixes, tiers and bases highlighted it’ll be good. It’ll also probably be a lot simpler to use (create) than PoE’s which is a good thing.


thx @Llama8, didn’t know about that list

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