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Difference between Spell Damage / Base Spell Damage & correct DMG scaling for Thorn Burst + Thorn Totems?

Hello guys,

Two misunderstandings from my side,

im wondering what the difference in both item stats is.

There are wands ingame which have like +95% Base Spell Damage & 25% increased spell damage. Not sure how they interact with each other and how they modify any given spell.

Giving you a small example with some numbers for sake of argument.

Skill: Thorn burst - base damage: 10
Wand with: 95% base spell damage + 25% spell damage.

End damage = base-damage-spell x 1 + (basespelldamage+spelldamage) = 10 x 1 + (1.2)?

The reason why im asking is since im building towards phys spells and phys totems, Thorn Burst and Thorn Totems and dont know if im even scaling the skills right at the moment.

Heres my passive trees and character sheet.

Best regards

I think what it means is that the first one is the efficiency of wand. Like 95% means spell with 10 base damage will be 9.5 (10 x 0.95). The second one is the generic increase you can get from tree etc. So final damage = (10 x 0.95) x 1.25

But I am not sure :no_mouth:

Edit: The “base spell damage” stat is given as + (like +22%) so it is probably as I said but 100 + 22%

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