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Did the XP required for levelling change in 0.8.2?


Did the XP required for leveling in the game (especially higher levels) change with the recent 0.8.2 patch?

Or did the amount of XP earned generally get a boost?

Reason I ask is that I do not recall seeing this in any of the patch notes but I am pretty sure that my higher level chars are leveling up faster than before… Did not objectively check but it feels like it… e.g. I have a lvl 99 paladin and it feels like I have dinged the last 3 levels much faster than before with other chars (pre-0.8.2)…

I am obviously taking advantage of the new XP book awards for completing MoFs but even so it still feels like leveling is much faster.

Anyone else notice this?

From 0.8.2 patch note :

  • Corruption increases item rarity, experience gained, monster health, monster damage, and how much Timeline Stability echoes give. Corruption also increases area level in standard timelines, and increases the rarity of guaranteed echo rewards in empowered timelines.

Since Lvl 100 timeline start with 100 corruption, you get more xp even at 0 shade kill

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Yeah the new experience tomes are a great new source of experience.

I don’t know the exact value, but i think they grant like 1-3% exp of your current level.
It’s really noticeable. You literally see your exp bar moving when picking them up.

It depends on the monolith you did got them from & potentially the stability/corruption. Higher monoliths give more xp & when you run over them they tell you how much xp you get from them.

Perhaps this is it then… I am definitely seeing the little yellow xp bar at the bottom jumping up visibly each time I collect a book. I think the last book run gave me almost 90k XP per book and that was not even trying to stack the echos for more boost…

The Experiences Tomes are not affected by the % increased Experience from the modifiers.

Yeah, the % xp/MF modifiers from the monoliths only affect you in the monolith, not when you’re in the Echo of a World (because that’s not the monolith).

Maxed out at 86300 per book for a lvl 99 paladin in an empowered mof. Then I dinged 100 so havent tried to push to see if i could get it higher for now. 250k xp for a quick echo run is a damn fine way of getting late game XP…

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