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Did I reach endgame?

Just cruised through the game, I am level 35 and I think the last quest that I did that had a ‘main story’ attached to it was talking to the oracle, and behind her opened a passage…run through a few zones, kill a lich looking guy at a ‘fake way point’. Was that the last quest? Because now I have the monolith of faith to run but no more quests from NPCs. Is this the end of the main campaign and now I just grind the monolith?

Are there other endgame modes?

As it says on the The Monolith of Fate title, yes, that is the Beta endpoint. There are 2 endgames atm. One is Monolith, one is Arena, an endless area with level scaling. You can get arena keys from chests you get after completing Monolith objectives. Keep in mind that you need to complete at least 5 monoliths consequtively to get key and get one for sure at every 5th one.

Oh wait, I see…Beta Endpoint. So I guess this is it? Anything else to do? And will there be more of a campaign at official launch?

Not that it would be a total disaster if a game didnt waste your time with a leveling campaign that is drawn out and stuck you into endgame pretty quickly. How many times have you leveled to mapping in POE and wish you could just get there 10x quicker?

Yah I just saw that. Is level 35 around where I should be at the beta endpoint? Or did I lvl too fast?

If you hit M you can see that there 2 more Eras that has nothing in it yet. Those will be added. Also probably more side quests etc will be added.

Monolith and Arena both scales to your level so that s not a problem.

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