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Did Hollow Lich stop working for anyone else?

I just respecced and now, even though I have the Hollow Lich passive, I am still leeching.

Did something change?

I asked in chat and another person said they were experiencing the same issue.

Can you upload & link your build?

Here it is :slight_smile:

When you say you’re leeching, are you sure it’s not just the life on kill from the relic? If you’re leeching then it will show up on the training dummy as leech from your bleeds (from the relic). If it doesn’t then it’s probably the life on kill.

I ditched the Hollow Lich node and re-added it. No effect.

I removed the relic… still leeching. I don’t know if it’s only coming from Blood Rips, but that is definitely one source.

I should note the health gain is definitely less now without the relic on.

The shield gives you health on kill, could it be that?

Yeah Shtrak, I think you’re right. It’s small enough to be that.

Okay, thanks to you both. Mystery solved. Just thought it was too much health gain, but it seems you’re right–it’s the shield and relic in combo.

Okay, since we’re here lol

Build advice?!

Clearly this relic/shield combo makes more sense on a Reaper version of this build, but their absense doesn’t necessarily break the build either. Hmmmm. Do you think I should:

  1. Make it work as no-life/ward with the extra ward from dodge (as I’m currently leaning)
  2. Ditch the dodge attempt and go with Exsanguinous instead
  3. Give in and revert to a low life Reaper with Death Seal?

I must admit I’m a bit lost, a bleed Lich is not easy to build.
I know that @ApprenticeCorner did it:


So the spell leech at the bottom of Hollow Lich still works, anything that isn’t generic leech will still work. Its a bug thats been around for a while