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Did anyone else notice frostbite getting a quiet little buff?

Am I imagining things or did frostbite get a buff this patch?

Reason I am asking is that I seem to be freezing mobs more frequently when using Cold skills and am seeing that little snowflake puff icon on mobs - something I hardly noticed before… Could be a graphical change I suppose…

Anyone else think Frostbite got some hidden love this patch?

Nope. There’s nothing about it in the patch notes.

Im 99% sure i read frosbite/chance to freeze was getting a buff, but i cant find it in patch notes either. Maybe it was in one of the preview posts.

So if you’re using the set amulet you’ll have a higher chance to freeze. Neither Frostbite nor Freeze were mentioned in the patch preview.

Hmm that is weird, maybe it was in a dev reply to a thread then. Im very sure i read it as i was instantly thinking of making a frostbite shaman build when i read it.

I was talkin with FoE and Mike on discord about that and FoE mentioned it was buffed back in 0.7.10.
We added more details for Frostbite on the Community Game Guide
Frostbite dmg will be shown in the character sheet in a future patch.

Ok, it was probably an old thread i read recently then.

Interesting… I am not using any items that specifically boost frostbite… just dual wielding Shard of the Shattered Lance and got the blessing Maw of Artor which gives a 40-60% frostbite chance… The blessing was a best choice of a bad bunch selection but I am noticing a lot more frozen mobs after chosing it…

Perhaps its just a buff i never used before and I am just noticing it… either way, seems pretty good as a crowd control type feature…

If you’ve got a decent amount of freeze multi, adding in a few stacks of freeze avoidance reduction would help.