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Diablo - the future is changing

Imagine playing Microsoft Diablo!

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ready player one in 20 years??? any betters

Wonder if this offer was conditional on Activision announcing the laying off of all those accused/guilty of sexual misconduct etc yesterday… I think MS would have the clout to say, “We’ll make an offer if you get rid of the bad apples first…”

I’m no expert on US employment law, but… Only if they wanted their nuts sued off them, I would imagine.

Good, maybe they can release a good game once again

but this isnt happening until 2023 so Bliz still has another year to destroy itself internally

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It will take a year to clean up the stench left behind by the Bobbie Kotick era of Activision/blizzard

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He’s not leaving, it’s still going to be the "Bibby Kotick’ era.

The press release states clearly that Kotick will leave at the end of the transaction.

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Ah, fair enough.

I think Microsoft would be best served just selling off most of the IP and licensing out the ones they know they can actually quality control. (Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot, etc.) Maybe they can outsource updates to Overwatch to some studio in China or Korea.

Hocking Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo to Tencent, which tragic, would probably work out better for them in the long run. These are types of games they have less talent and experience around. Maybe if they brought back early Blizzard alumni (assuming they still want or need a job,) and gave them an in-house studio, that would actually work. But I don’t know if something like that is even feasible at this point.

Alternatively, they could hire the guys that did Torchlight 2 to come in and do all of their RPG related stuff, if anybody knows what rock they’re hiding under these days. That would probably be a wise move.

Double-off topic, but they could also go hire back Amazon Games Orange County (Double Helix) while they’re at it, now that their only active project got cancelled. They might be interested in doing Killer Instinct 2 or supporting a few of these Blizzard / Activision properties now that they’ve got nothing better to do.

All great things they could do instead of sell them off, but I bet you this is going to be a firesale a year or two from now. Games are really in a sad state if that’s what it’s coming to. Guess time will tell.


I don’t like these movement, on the short term could translate in better quality games, certainly blizzard lost their craft ability long ago, still I don’t like this capitalist monopolistic tendency, just like how Disney bought just everything they wanted.
I don’t want a game industry with just two big companies owning most products and crushing indies and smaller companies. Because we are headed right that direction.

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As I said in another place… maybe microsoft is making a big brain move and get rid of the activison part and uses Blizzard as a stand alone again that may deliver good games again.

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They’ll still be a corporate managing hundreds of millions (billions?) of dollars worth of cash for their investors, that’s one of the things that breeds risk-aversion, large-scale corporate structures & most of the things that players love to hate.

If you were managing that amount of resources, wouldn’t you want to have controls in place to prevent fraud (a legal requirement, even in the US) & allow relevant people oversight?

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Actually, the press release didn’t explicitly say that.

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Nah, is all about blowing out their competitors, mainly Sony and Nintendo. I expect aside of the publishing aspect, dev studios will remain quite independent.

Blizzard will never go back to make era-defining games, that company only has the name and the IPs, the visionaries and genius devs left the company long ago.

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In the third paragraph, as someone that has been through many MA transactions, once the new blood takes over the old blood leaves as a part of the transaction. I will have to re-read the updated 10K 10Q and 8K forms again that were a part of the revised release.

Edit: Alright so re-read it is Kotick is no longer the ‘head’ Activision Blizzard or of the new Microsoft Gaming as of the completion of the transaction. It does the forward looking statement make use of the ownership change rule which makes it sound that Kotick has the option to stay or leave, but Microsoft still has the right to make the change once the transaction is complete.

I agree… I watched a very interesting interview with David Brevik a few weeks ago about how they designed Diablo originally (specifically how they changed from a turn based idea to realtime) and it struck me how much of this original creativity and “vision” still exists at the bigger game studios… I’d say that Blizzard might be “bigger” but its a shadow of its former self…

As a general player (with little insight into the workings of these behemoths) I get the impression that even if the best people stay, they are just worried about the bottom line/shareholders and the smaller independent devs are the ones that are actually making the most impact in terms of coming up with new games etc…

I just think of CD Projekt Red and how well they did with the Witcher series - culminating in W3 being one of the most brilliant games ever (imho) only taking 3.5years ($80mill), and having nowhere near the problems, delays and costs ($310mill) that Cyberpunk has had…

Bigger in the gaming industry doesnt, imho, translate into better… and quite honestly, once the penny pinchers get involved, the players tend to be the ones that suffer the most…

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That’s because, ultimately, the shareholders are where the power lies. The shareholders have the power to remove any/all of the directors. It’s normal to worry about what your boss thinks about your performance.

Yip… but its also the achilies heel of large corporations… Whatever your opinion of Apple might be, when Jobs & Wosniak left due to being unable/not allowed to follow the direction they wanted to (i.e. take a chance on new tech/future) and Apple floundered… Jobs was brought back and allowed to innovate and voila, the rest is History.

I have worked in corporations where the bosses were absolute idiots thinking of the bottom line instead of the whole picture and innovations and ideas by the competitors ultimately left them in the dust…

Bigger is not always better and greedy shareholders who follow the money exclusively and dont understand the industry are a surefire way of driving any future into the ground…

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Well, shareholders at the end are investors, they put their money in the line, and expect results in return, is very hard to convince them to just wait over the years for the next big hit, as they want more and more benefits NOW, they are investing on a company and they don’t care what the company produces.

And there’s very little to do about it, is how big companies operate, and going against the system could mean going bankrupt with a successful product.

When Activision, a company that makes a COD per year merged with Blizzard, a company that have very long development cycles over many years to fully develop a product, you can expect problems there.

And there are so many more issues, like the rock star syndrome some employees at blizzard acquired, going totally out of touch with their community, all the workplace culture scandal, how they were steadily losing subscribers from their main source of income: WoW. How they betrayed their fans with a product that directly messed up old Warcraft 3 users with Warcraft 3 reforged, a product based on lies, half-baked, stripped of existing features, and buggy as hell… And we can go on and on… so depressing.

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