Diablo 4

Played those as well. Fingers got tired and they got left out.

I´m tired of this Diablo shit. I´m also tired of this shit company called Blizzard, that does one thing and one thing only. Which is to Suck you dry. All of you.
But by all means, give your money to the one you deserve it the best.
And then you can think about what Blizzard have actually given you the last decade, compared to what you truly deserved.
Anyone actually remember what Blizzard gave you on their 30th Anniversary?!? Compared to what you the player had actually deserved??!!?
And still, you, the player, give them their money. Geez!!?!

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Diablo nowadays is way to casual for me for the long term anyways.
I noticed the same thing in D3 and looking at the systems so far for D4 i suspect its not as deep as LE and def not as POE system wise, unique items wise etc.
They tend to focus more at the more casual players in my opinion. Doesnt mean it cant be fun but i get bored quicker because of it. Thats also why iam not worry.

and this

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