Diablo 4

Why is nobody here talking about the public testing of Diablo 4 starting in a few weeks and what it means for Last Epoch which is still in early access? I did a search on the forums and couldn’t find a single thread about it?

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POE2 is also releasing this year, right?

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Why does it matter? People can play more than 1 game at a time. A lot of people will play D4, sure.


Anyone who has interest in LE has most likely tried it.

Tbh I dont understand this weird narrative where people are like “well Im waiting for 1.0 to play it, but since its not out and d4 is, then im not gonna play LE”

Then you were probably never gonna stick to it anyways, so your not a core player.

The sad reality is that if LE was good enough to keep 10k players daily, then there would be 10k players. No amount of launch timing will really change that. A good game attracts players.

The devs have a great game for the core players who are currently playing it, they will grow it if it gets better, but choosing a specific launch date wont.

And thats pretty much what the devs know too, if PoE wasnt delaying to line up other event stuff for themselves 0.9 would be launching right after or right before the next PoE league, but the devs dont really need to care because they know whats more important is making a solid product over being a sizzle in the pan.


How could it not matter? The D4 trailer from yesterday already has 10x more views than Last Epoch’s trailer ever got. Is D4 going to bury LE? Games like these need a community to survive in the long-term and now it’s going to compete against the #1 RPG giant.

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You’re going to be surprised when it turns out everyone thinks like this except you.

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Counter question: Why do you go onto a different games forum and talk about another game?

A indie game that does not have any established titles competing against a 20+ year franchise with multiple titles.
Of course it has more views and gets more attention.

The only thing EHG can do, is to keep on doing what they to and try to establish themselves, so they will be heard and they will get attention.

EHG didn’t even try to do any massive PR in the last couple of years, they usually do a small trailers, but generally speaking they don’t fire all their PR machinery yet.

Because this is a Beta/EA title.

I am more than certain that before and with 1.0 release EHG will fire everything they have and hopefully they will get some attention.

But even then it will be unrealistic to get the same or more attention than such a humongous franchise, such as Diablo.

In the very long-run I think LE will only gain that attention when they keep improving and keep adding content and simply convice the people.

A lot of the aRPG community will probably play multiple titles anyway.


What would you like to talk about? As @Llama8 has already said loads of players who play LE will play D4 aswell, lots will probably not, the devs here especially @Mike_W are big Diablo fans apparently, buts want gifting instead of trading, Joke :stuck_out_tongue:

As for what it means for LE, nothing really, EHG was never going to compete with a company like blizzard if were being honest, LE will be solid and will be great. Personally for me, if the seasons between the 2 line up so that each game can be played equally, that would be perfect, but we will have to wait and see on that score.

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Considering Last Epoch is a direct descendant of Diablo and a direct competitor, I’m wondering how the launch of the next installment is going to affect Last Epoch’s future.

You don’t seem to be a moderator so I’ll assume you have no say on whether I’m allowed to have this conversation here or not. So excuse while I choose to have it.

That is fair

I didn’t intend to “forbid” you to do that, I just wanted to know why you would do that.

I personally never thought about going to a specific games forum and talking about a similar upcoming game and what impact it might have.

So I genuinely was curious.

To answer your question from the first paragraph

Nothing at all. Nothing will change for LE.


Of course it does, it has massive brand recognition, the first installment in the series was literally the one the genre is named after (diablo-likes), its made by a company that probably has a thousand times more resources (if not more) that used to be known for a die-hard commitment to quality, why on earth would you think otherwise. If anything, I’m surprised its only 10x.

It was always going to have to “compete” (bearing in mind its not a zero sum game) against D4 and PoE. Blizz and GGG were never going to shut up shop and leave the arpg market.

But that also doesn’t matter because people play more than 1 game.

A rising tide lifts all boats. If the giants of the genre can attract more people to it then there will be more people who play other arpgs.

He was asking a question to try and understand your position better.


Do you think other games are not allowed to exist if they aren’t going to “kill” the industry leaders? This is a completely insane take.

More than one game is allowed to exist in a genre, and people are allowed to play more than one game in the same genre.

They don’t even have conflicting release dates. D4 is going 1.0 WAY earlier than Last Epoch is. I would be shocked if 1.0 for LE was even this year.

Both games will do fine. You are concern-trolling for absolutely no reason.


You guys better make up your minds whether D4 has “massive brand recognition and coined the entire genre” or “will have literally no impact at all on Last Epoch”. Those two things are complete opposites and as such irreconcilable.

Unless people intend to play D4 24 hours a day, seven days a week for their entire life, no, it will barely have any negative impact at all on Last Epoch.


They are not mutually exclusive due to the fact that people can and do play more than one game at a time. If you don’t, that’s great, but that is a distinctly minority stance. Its a big market, there’s room for more than one game in it.

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You know we are different individuals with different PoV’s.
So “we” don’t need "make up our minds.

I (personally) said it will have “no impact” on EHG and LE, because they will just continue developing their game, that is not even finished yet.

EHG is mroe than aware of D4 and the release date of D4 is already knwon for quite a while.
So even if they changed some plans (which I don’t know if they did). Even before D4 having a release date they knew it will come otu eventually.

Also this is not about winning or losing.

Llama said a few very good things:

After people getting drawn into D4 and they either “finished” the game (for their goals) they might look for some simialr games. Maybe they don’t like D4 and look for alternatives. Maybe they look for a similar game to spend time when they finished their season goals (D4 will probably have season-esq thigns as well)

I wish I had time like you to play multiple games that require massive time investment, knowledge and energy (not to mention the price of purchase). I’m sure people who have a job and family and struggle to find any time and energy at all to play games during the week are only one in a million!

Let me look up some Steam reviews. Grim Dawn, first review 2,000 hours played. Path of Exile, first review 6,000 hours played. Yeah definitely the vast majority of people has that much free time to spend in not one but multiple overlapping games in the same genre lol

That is not a particular strong indicator.

Usually the people that spend a lot of time into a game or jsut a few minutes do reviews, because they either love or hate the game.

The people in the middle that don’t have any particular strong opinions are very unlikely to give reviews. (This not only appleis to gaming, but customers in general).

Also aRPG’s can be played in different ways. They don’t necessarily need

massive time investment, knowledge and energy

For every “playstyle” of players.

There are people who play the story/campaign once and leave the game for good.
There are people leveling a couple of different characters, but never dabble too much into endgame.

It is really hard to tell for sure how many people actually play multiple games of a similar genre simoultanously (or alternating between them).

But just from the discord and forums alone I can savely say they are quite a few.

hard to say, what the average/casual player does, that will not even visit the discord or forum.

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The average player is not going to leave a review. More invested players are more likely to do that.

I don’t know why you’re projecting your gaming habits on everyone else, when it’s clearly not the case.

Neither Last Epoch nor Diablo require any of those. They are incredibly straightforward.

If players play multiple games at once, how come Path of Exile has 1,000x more players than Last Epoch? Holy hell, someone tell them they should be playing both games!

LOL you guys are so out of touch with reality. It’s been proven multiple times independently that the average player has barely an hour of gaming per day. That’s enough for a match of a casual online game, not for playing two long-tailed games with expansive end-game but don’t let a Google search get in the way of your echo chamber.

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