Diablo 4 S2

So many people are coming here from D4. Now S2 is about to start with a lot of changes. I wonder who will go back to D4?

I will take a look and then probably return to LE disappointed :slight_smile:

Ill probably play, but it releases at the worst time for me which is probably 2am on a weekday and wont even login until later that night after work - release designed around streamers/unemployed - who the fk releases a league on a weekday in the middle of the week

Anyway apart from that the season seems pretty mid, ill probably do a 100 Druid and will do those bosses, all my gaming is based around PoE and new league isnt coming until December so im allowed to play what I want for a bit

edit: Lords of the Fallen comes out shortly and Lies of P is also out, havent played Souls games in a long time

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Mh, that’s sucks for you, here with me it starts at 6 pm . That fits quite well, have vacation next week.

It’s going to need a heck of a lot more seasons before D4 gets anywhere near as good as Last Epoch currently is. If it ever does,

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They seem to have made some big improvements and I’m a real sucker for vampire stuff, but I am already so tired of D4’s obsession with tying every unique, interesting, or gameplay altering power and season mechanic exclusively to the RNG of your armor. It’s an exhaustingly one-note design and I don’t think I can subject myself to it again.

I honestly don’t think it will, not for us anyway. IMO, people who enjoy what LE has to offer are mostly not the target audience for D4.


D4 S2 will suck big time.

Why? ?

Vampires… suck… rly?

That is the point of vampires, that they suck (your blood).

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That’s why I said the season will suck anyway.

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surprisingly theres more than one timezone. Releases at 6-8pm for people in europe, perfect time for people who work. As for the day, tuesday/wednesday is when blizzard always do stuff like this.


Midweek patch days are the best patchdays. Enough time to fix possible issues that occur when a lot of people play instead of 10 playtesters ^^.

Yeah, Tuesday was the weekly reset/patch day in SWTOR, presumably so that if anything went wrong they have devs on hand for the next few days to deal with urgent issues without having to pay them overtime to work over the weekend.

Friday releases are “better” for the player as most have the weekend off, mid-week releases are better for devs who then may not have to work over the weekend putting out fires.

Nothing broken would be fixed anyway in that timeframe, if anything gathering data over the weekend then fixing it on the Monday is normal behaviour

Its trash, who the fk releases a league on a mid weekday, I remember them doing D3 releases on a Saturday as I remember pulling a Saturday shift and missed a season launch and was pissed, how is a 6-8pm release on a weeknight ‘perrfect’ you know whats a perfect release? 7am on a Saturday or even earlier. GGG releases their leagues at 4am for me which is awesome, get to play 18+ hours on release, usually around 21-22 hours, Poe leagues probably launch for you at 5pm or so on a Friday which is even better you get a whole extra evening…

I was going to play and maybe get the pass but fk it, they are releasing leaderboards next season as well, if you wanted to race to 100 you quit your job/get leave or when you login after work that first day Rob2486536 is already 100

You seem abnormally mad about this release day lol

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I don’t understand, you have 3 months for Diablo 4 seasons. At the same time time, it only takes about 1 day to 1 week to hit lv100 and make your character obsolete, you’ve got plenty of time really. Hard not to crave passionate creations and quality of life from Last Epoch.

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A friend of mine is lvl 38 on his necro and he playes S2 since the second day of the season launch. Saying it only needs a day or a week is far from reality for a lot of people. On top of it S2 is a bonkers power fantasy and every class explodes everything with a dev team shaking in fear to nerf stuff. They even leave bugs ingame that breake whole classes. As fun as the S2 powertrip is (killing uberbosses in ~4seconds lol) i hope teh D4 devs grow a pair and start balancing the game because the game will be laughable in january if classes are still that goofy.

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So it’s like D3 then?

Well, and that’s the catch with Seasonal games, isn’t it? If you make it too grindy, then you will alienate a large portion of your players, who don’t have 5+ hours everyday to play. Most casual-type would only get to play one character per season.

For as much shit as D3 received, it fit it’s niche almost perfectly. Players would flock for each new season, play for a couple of weeks (on multiple characters), maybe climb the ladder, and then were able to move on to the next game. D3 didn’t have to become a 2nd job for anyone who wanted to have fun, experience power and play in the ‘endgame’. This major grind-fest, power-mizer game people are clamoring for just doesn’t work in a Seasonal landscape. The overwhelming majority of gamers, now days, don’t have bucket loads of time to dedicate to a game on a daily basis.

And the issue is magnified when you take streamers into account, and players can see a ‘fun’ build they want to experience, but don’t have the steamer-time, or resources, to put in. That leads to frustration and burn out, when your players are disillusioned as to the level(s) of enjoyment they can get from your game.

I think it’s a mistake for game to attempt to clench a fist around their players, and force them to dedicate their time to only one game, in order to progress during Seasonal play…via shitty rng gatekeeping, senseless grinds or other cockblock mechanics. There are too many games out there for developers to be greedy, and prevent players from experiencing all the offerings available in the genre. And such practice might just end up having the opposite effect.

Right now pretty much. I even stopped playing one of my toons because it’s so strong it’s not even remotly fun or challanging. So it’s even worse then D3 from the power they gave the toons. Then again rumor is we get a new class on jauary, leaderboards and some attempts of balancing.

Yes and no. If I play a game that requires 600h of playtime in a season cycle to do everything I know what I’ve signed up for. If this isn’t my cup of tea i simply don’t play the game. Best example Lost Ark. I’m not that big of an idiot to tag along that item upgrade system. To me it was the pinacle of a bad system so I uninstalled and moved on not giving them a dime.

Same goes for seasonal content. I f Blizz thinks i play another D3 season with double goblins they are wrong ^^. Same goes for every seasonal theme: if I dislike it or don’t have the time I don’t play it.

I watched some podcasts those days with the harcorde stremer bois in it and came to the conclusion that 99% of what they say is only serving them while it would backstab every “Average Joe” player out there the game was made for.

Right now D4 can be done in one game session from 1-100 sure but that isn’t a bad thing to begin with. All this “Max level is about bragging rights and nothing else you don’t need to achive it!” or “The last 4 levels need to take as long as everything before to have something to chew on!” sounds like “Devs tried to make a game but they have so little content they make people suffer through the worst exp curve to deliver the illusion of progression.”. I want a lot of content to chew on in a meaningfull timefram. Sure I can play 70h a week because I’m ill and was never st… strange enough to marry or have kids or even pets so F it if I like to. Still I don’t think the “normal” stuff should take long to achive for average Joe but then things can change. If you got all your season rewards give people additional hard content they can play when they are at the prime with their toons. Content that is challangeing and fun you can optionaly kill time with.

I think the biggest issue are the game companies. If I make a game for average Joe I say so to keep the elitists away or to make it obvious that’s no niche for them. If I want to be a selfproclaimed hardcore game for the 1% I’d say so so average joe knows his oppinion might not be taken into account. Blizzard wants to serve to everybody and that is bad by design. There are reasons why Dark Souls or Elden Ring work so nicely… people know what they are in for. Hack and Slash games just tweak numbers… same enemies give them 10% more HP and 10% more dmg and call it hard mode. Or give players less meaningfull loot and make it drop more white items to slow them down for a week untill the new content is out.

The genre and the lack of progression in it is the main problem from my point of view. But then again I play H&S games as far and much as I like to because I have no fomo and a lot of other things to do/play so i don’t care if a season is done in 1 day or 1 week or 2 months. As long as it is fun everythign is fine.

Seasons make enough money in he first week anyway. Look at D4 for example and how many people who run around in cosmetic (M)TX from this season. It leaves me speechless how many people waste 25€ on a costume or a costume and the battle pass it’s nuts from my point of view. On top of it they give their money to Blizzard from all the companies they could waste money on ^^.