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Diablo 2 Resurrected's servers experience

and it happens to the best … we tell him , to put an earring on his ear ,

Blizzard hasn’t been the best for years.
As soon as Activision took possession of them, their quality took a nosedive.
The old Blizzard would never release a game in such a state.

Which is why I REALLY hope EHG takes the time they need to get things working properly at release.
Remember Wolcen? Even though the game is shaping up, the damage from their botched release can never be undone.

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Who? :smiley:

This is where the server problems in D2r dont effect me, i am happy playing either MP or SP, so I am very content, they will be fixed when there fixed.
I hope when LE releases MP, the devs are given time to get things right, because there aregoing to be some big hiccups on the way, regardless of the lead devs words “we want perfect MP” and hopefully there wont be the silly witch hunt we see against other titles/studio’s.

I also don’t want a stupid witch hunt …
I remember Rebel Act Studios with Blade of Darkness and how I was waiting for something like that to play again, not some “overheated food” and then Namco Bandai Games with Dark Souls appeared … that’s how I feel Eleventh Hour Games … but now I want to play with friends - not to watch them in Discord for how long they play another game and I play another game

Meh, as they revealed, D2R is also limited to some very old legacy code that the studio had to build around DevOps wise from my understanding. They did what they could but I am guessing the pressure from higher-ups took over of “good enough, just do it” which they are paying the price for now. The joys of working under a publicly traded game publisher.

Also, just in general no two games are developed exactly the same. Even if they are using the same architecture design model.

I don’t think D2R’s situation can apply to a lot of developers/games as they were tasked with a unique undertaking.

That is understandable but then they should not have priced D2R so high. That is unfair

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