Devs PLEASE re-think these issues

i have 5k ward and still can get beat down in 2 seconds. seems im my res is not doing much of anything. im a clothy im not supposed to be wherein tank armor lol. somethings got to give with this.

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Let these guys get their resistances capped out with no other forms of defense and then complain when they die more. Throwing math at people won’t persuade them if they don’t wanna be persuaded.

If were talking about potential alpha and only alpha why ignore over-capping? Shred makes not just capping but over-capping better since it will still directly reduce damage taken. So for late-game where every enemy has 75% penetration the Player’s resistances are X% Uncapped - Shred% then capped to 75% then minus 75% for penetration. AKA every 1% overcap is avoiding 1% more damage when facing shed/other Res reductions.

Also why are you reducing only 30% res but reducing by for 100% glancing blows? You say comparing 1 to 1 is important for perspective so lets do that:

1% res (at least until the cap, but also any time shred is involved) is avoiding 1% more damage taken.
1% Glancing Blows is reducing damage taken by 0.35%

So for 2000 damage taken +1% Res is 20 damage avoided, but +1% GB is only 7 damage avoided.

And for the case of 100% GB you do avoid not mitigating an alpha spike unlike if you have less than 100% but lets do the alpha calculation for a 5 res shred stack with 100% resistance so we are still comparing 100% to 100%.

2000 incoming damage with 10% res shred but 100% res and 0% GB:
100% Res - 10% shred = 90% Res → cap to 75% - 75% pen = 0% more damage taken.
2000 * 1 = 2000 damage taken.
2000 incoming damage with 10% res shred but 0% res and 100 GB:
0% Res - 10% shred = -10% Res - 75% pen = 85% more damage taken (but also 35% reduced from GB).
2000 * .65 * 1.85 = 2405 damage taken.

And 15% of res in this case is purely “wasted” but still come out ahead.

Ok, but there are 7 res stats, elemental res exists and so does all resist, but lets pretend that you can only get 25% all res and otherwise 1% of non all res is almost as hard to get a 1% GB for the next example. We’ll compare 100% GB vs “100%” res evenly divided between Res types, that works out to 25% all res + (75% / 5 remaining res types (elemental give fire+cold+lightning) for an average res of 40%:

40% Res, 0 GB, 0% Shred:
40% Res - 0% Shred - 75% Pen = 35% more taken.
2000 * 1.35 = 2700 taken
0% Res, 100% GB, 0% Shred:
0% Res - 0% Shred - 75% Pen = 75% more taken.
2000 * 1.75 * .65 = 2275 taken

GB is better? But is it really? Is getting 1% GB as easy as getting ~5% total resistances? You decide. Particularly all the way to 100% vs 75% for resistances. Are you limited to 25% all res?

One last scenario, for avg-damage instead of alpha, since even in an alpha environment you could have to eat multiple hits in a row before having time to react making them, effectively, an alpha measure from your PoV:

90% Res, 60% GB (60% of 100% GB from below) and 15% shred.
90% Res - 15% Shred = 75% - 75% Pen = 0% more taken.
35% GB reduction 60% of the time = effective 21% reduction.
2000 * 1 * .79 = 1580
54% Res (60% of 90% Res from above), 100% GB and 15% shred.
54% Res - 15% Shred = 39% - 75% Pen = 36% more taken.
2000 * 1.36 * 0.65 = 1768 taken.

As you can see, comparing Res to GB on even footing shows GB is good, but not way better. No one is saying ignore all of GB (or other layers), just that pound for pound res investment generally pays better until 75%. Would I sacrifice one of my res types down to 65-70% for 100% GB vs 75% GB yeah, depending on the resist, how about all of them? Ehh, maybe, it’s would really depend. I’d be especially afraid to lose poison/lighting resist since their aliments have built in res reduction that stacks with res shred and GB prevents 0% of aliments.

Monsters get 1% penetration per area level up to 75%. Penetration doesn’t care about your overcapped. Overcapping does nothing against Penetration.

Go ahead and re-read the post. I’ll help you figure it out if you don’t get it after a second reading.

My mistake, I read the first few lines and went on with my day. I do apologize.

Mathmatically, I’m not gonna argue with you. I will say though that there are many ways to cleanse ailments, and on all characters, that if you aren’t building those to remove shred (which then nullifies it’s effect and mathification on your build’s defenses), then you are getting yourself killed if you’ve gotten all of these shred stacks on yourself.

They can’t. For non-poison, the lowest you can go is -20% from shred & -25% from Marked for Death. Lightning gets an additional -20% if you have 10 stacks of shock, poison can then get an additional -60% at 30+ stacks. So poison can go down to -180% if you have 0 resist in a lvl 75+ zone, lightning can go down to -140% under the same circumstancces & everything else goes down to -120%. Not exactly -999…

Apart from cleansing all of the stacks of shred with a single click of a potion button.

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NP :slight_smile:
I didn’t want to jump down you’re throat about it, hence an ask to read it again vs tearing you down.

And I agree with you in principal, defensive layers, including cleanse, are important. But it is worth noting over-capped res is brain-dead easy and cleans typically requires active intervention - so I’d say it comes down to a playstyle thing.

My whole point is that GB is just another layer and particularly the 100% consistent mark is more niche and more expensive to invest points into than the very accessible 75% mark on Resistances (which gets 100% consistency for free btw).

And in particular I wanted to point out in my second reply that comparing -30% Res vs -100% GB is obviously gonna make GB look super good but that doing so is not a 1 to 1 comparison.

Still not entirely sure what Great Britain has to do with Last Epoch, but I’ll roll with it.


Is there an app I missed?

I usually just punch in the profile on LET.

If this is for the 91 RM:

Right away, the HP seems low, and some of the Res are near to non-existent.

Just for the Res breakdown he is taking:
24% more Cold or worse from every Cold source.
46% more Phys or worse from every Phys source. This is a pretty common source.
64% more Poison or worse from every Poison source. This could very easily be much much much worse and easily seem like a one-shot despite being usually from a DoT with quickly applied poison ailment stacks.
61% more Void or worse from every Void source. This is also a pretty common source, and one that skews high damage.

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I want to say your issue is Phys, Poison and Void damage. Those resistance are low. Armor Mitigiation is only at 49%. No block or dodge. Ever consider incorporating chill and slow? Maybe switch to a cold skill? I know there’s a build that basically permafreezes everything.

You also have a lot into reduced bonus damage. You’re over at 162%, you can offset that over to critical strike avoidance. That’s a lot being wasted.

This made me realize… wouldn’t Critical Strike Avoidance and Reduced Bonus Damage from Critial Strike be the same thing if it’s capped?

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Unless they add some on-crit effects (like PoE has for thier “ailments” for example) they should be functionally equivalent.

Dude, I understand PoE and can figure things out within minutes. But this game. I don’t get anything.
I feel it’s a different logic.

I felt the same way for awhile. While I do love the In-Game guide I wish we had as rich a wiki that fully breaks down everything like the PoE wiki does (not the gross Fandom one). But hopefully we will in time.

This game is easier to play than PoE for sure, with one exception (Resists), but I think it’s harder to learn to “understand”, again - mostly because of lack of in-depth documentation.

As far as resists go though I think what happened here happens to a lot of newer/less “in-depth” players. The way the Res system is presented makes it seem like investing in Res is worthless cause you “lose it all” anyways. Despite liking most things about PoE more though I actually think LE has a better resist system (and still love both games overall). But it should be presented clearer that (at least until 75%) 1% Resist is 1% more/less damage taken, because that is the net effect.

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In terms of over-capping:
It’s addressed with the last piece of math. changing 30% res for EVERY res (which needs a decent chunk of affixes on gear) still turns out worse then ignoring it. So over-capping taking up even more space obviously will result in worse outcomes in comparison to other methods.

Also you misunderstood the math there and read it wrong in the first place.
The automatic res pen is the first number, ‘1’ it means ‘full damage’.
The second was crit avoidance, 0,5, meaning 200% crit multi become normal damage.
The third was glancing blows, 0,65, meaning 35% reduction.
The last is armor, related to the former post of mine. Hence respectively 30% for phys and 21% for others.

Also your terminology isn’t fitting. You don’t ‘avoid’ damage with res, you mitigate it. Which is important since it’s a multiplicative layer together with the other mechanics working in the same way.
Avoidance would be dodge for example.
Pure EHP pool is Endurance/Ward.

Examples were made with fully reliable mechanics. Meaning capped, 100%, not 1%, 5% or anything else for obvious reasons. They are not reliable, otherwise we’ll need to once again take overall DPS into consideration, which we don’t.
The basis of your examples are simply wrong hence, from the get-go.

Now to the aspect of glancing blows:
It’s the same as 100% Block, though unlike Block GB doesn’t need investment in the mitigation part itself.
Some classes get to 100% for GB, some get to 100% for Block.
They’re equivalent in terms of availability overall, you can only get 100% reliably with specific classes. Rogue for the dodge to GB conversion (very strong btw) and for example 100% block with Sentinel.
To achieve that you give up other nodes or affixes on items simply. If they’re worth it is to math out in detail, but they’ve proven more then useful over time.

Average damage scenario:
We’re still not talking about that, it was specifically one-shots. Don’t steadily divert stuff to DPS, nobody cares, it’s not the topic, it’s obvious the outcomes are different, just stop finally.

Also as an extra note:
If you’re more happy with it then go with Armor examples, those are equivalent to resistances on gear. Then math it out again when Armor becomes less valuable then resistances and go ahead to tell me that “always capping resistances is first priority”.
Because even your own examples showed that’s not even the case.

It really is. In Poe capping resistances is pretty much mandatory. Just a 1% resist below cap makes a difference. LE is more forgiving because it has more layers that interact with each other.

Every 1% below soft-capped resistances is 4% increased damage taken in PoE and gets pretty big pretty fast.

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Yes, that was my point. LE is more forgiving in that regard.