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Devouring Orb - Cataclysm feedback

First of all, I think Devouring Orb is a very fun skill. I love the orbiting path and abyssal path that works like a “trap”.

I tried Cataclysm path today and I am not impressed. I think it just needs a few changes. I enjoy the random “Eruption” style but the base damage of Void Orb is just too low on their own. It’s hard to trigger Void Rifts because the base damage of the Orb is just so low.

For the Cataclysm route, can we get rid of the Void Rift and greatly increase Void Orb’s damage and let them hit the same target several times? With the current design, it is hitting on average 50-100 per burst (very low for the delay) and even if several orbs hit the same target, the target still gets ONE damage. That defeats the purpose of those 6 Orbs that randomly burst out like Volcano in my opinion.

I rather lose Void Rift damage and get random Orb damage instead.

I suggest:

Fleeting Orb - Lose the mana efficiency because it doesn’t cost that much to begin with and it’s not a spammable skill. I would do +20% orb damage per rank.

Dust Channeller - The casting speed is nice but honestly, it’s not a spammable skill due to cool-down. I would suggest adding ONE more Void Orb per rank so you’ll eventually have 10 Orbs at rank 4.

With more damage node and more orbs node, the burst damage should be more fun and more randomized. I would play a build like this for fun.

What do you think??

PS: By the way, Future Strike passive is like the most overpowering passive. LOL Please nerf this in the future. Most void knight skills are pretty overpowering IMO.

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