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Devotion Smite Abyssal Echoes Paladin Tank Everything With Insane Healing Patch 8.3

YouTube Build Guide + Gameplay : Devotion Smite Abyssal Echoes Paladin Tank Everything With Insane Healing Last Epoch Build Guide 8.3 - YouTube

Timestamps :
00:00 Intro And Gameplay
04:56 Abyssal Echoes
08:40 Smite
09:51 Sigils and Reversal
10:13 Holy Aura
11:00 Passives
16:31 Gearing

Last Epoch Build Planner :


Hello, this is Dr3ad from Epoch Builds. In today’s video we will go over my Abyssal Echoe’s Fire Crit Devotion Smite Paladin, a fun build for those who want to roleplay as a Holy Caster.

So for this build, I wanted to try to make a Devotion Paladin function well. Normally you would just self cast your smite, and the clear would be absolutely terrible. Now the problem here is, if we try to add a different way to clear, it usually won’t scale well with the same things that Smite Devotion scales with, i.e. lots of mana that needs to be empty. Thankfully they reworked Abyssal Echoes this patch, and it has a node that allows you to turn the attribute scaling into 2 flat fire spell damage per attunement, which then of course also gives us 2 flat mana and 4% increased damage for our Smite. Abyssal Echoes also is very adept at deleting our mana bar, which is important for getting damage with our devotion smite, as you can remove the cooldown, allowing you to spam it all around.

Abyssal Echoes also functions as our clear, as we grab the node that turns of the chain, but makes it pulse in the same spot for a few seconds. These pulses also heal us inside the AoE, and as you can tell from the footage it literally makes me be able to face tank most bosses in the game on a mediocre 2k HP pool, and sustains us through monolith.
Smite of course with the Devotion scaling is very strong, getting us up to like 40k crits on most empowered bosses, absolutely sickening.

One neat trick I found, if you use all your mana with abyssal echoes, and use your smite a little, and reversal it will keep your mana close to 0, as it will remember you were at near 0 mana in the last 2 seconds, allowing you to stay in max damage range longer. This combo + Smite mana gained on use, allows you to manipulate your mana enough while doing monolith or single target situations.

We then run a 1h dagger and a shield, for maximum base crit and chonk. We could run something like a Bastion of Honour, if you don’t want to invest to heavily into block, but want to still be tanky. You also run a Rune Dagger for your one hand, as the flat we get from Attunement stacking alone makes up for the low 40+ adaptive spell damage the rune dagger has, making the base crit just a +. Rn Abyssal Echoes is just at 60% crit, while my smite is 100% chance to crit, which I found to be good enough for most situations. You could also run an off hand catalyst with base crit, but I found you were super squishy, and not using block on a Paladin feels very weird.