Developer Stream - June 23, 2023 (Transcribed)

Below is a transcription of the developer stream on June 23, 2023 that’s hosted by Mike Weicker, a senior developer at EHG.

I’ve transcribed everything to the best of my abilities, but when (or if) the stream gets uploaded to YouTube you’ll be able to click each questions source link to watch them for yourself. Currently, those links are just placeholders and don’t actually link anywhere.

Also, the entirety of this stream is spread across two posts within this thread as it exceeded the 50,000 character limit, so please continue reading beyond this initial post.


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Thanks for this!

Since I can’t find the stream on twitch either I’m curious if you know about this one:

Does that imply we’ll be able to start fresh in 0.9.2 ? :open_mouth:

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It does…and as I was transcribing it I’m like I’m not sure that’s what he means but he said it…so… :thinking:

Yeah, it’s certainly a good question to follow-up on.


Despite a lot of good information to look forward, this part finished me off.:disappointed::pleading_face::broken_heart:

I think it’s bad because its something that can add so much to the game and is always neglected, it’s avoided even in comments.
Seems that it’s either the “darling” mode devs think for real it’s already tuned and balanced or it is so difficult to address it that it’s better to avoid anything related to the mode to give all the other things priority.

Anyway thanks for the great work, I tried to watch most of it in YouTube but I missed some important parts like this one.

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I live for this kind of detail. :joy:

Seriously though, thank you so much for transcribing this. Beers on me.

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Okay, this one needs some clarification. I’m going to go on a limb and say the original Q was talking about things like Lagon (smite and lunge are entirely non-functional). As a big time melee fan I don’t mind tough fights but when certain skills and functions of the class don’t even work that’s not something I find enjoyable. I really hope they aren’t considering this ‘a feature’.

I’m not certain the question is talking about bugs relating to bosses, but I could be wrong. Personally, I took it as bosses like Julra that are generally harder for melee characters to complete when compared to ranged characters.

I believe Mike was answering the question irrespective of bugs and just as an overall blanket statement that melee has it harder than other archetypes, which I think most people would argue is true.

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Yeah, I don’t mind that sort of ‘harder’ because it’s tactical (across characters) but actually things not working…that’s another issue. :smiley: Was just hoping to get some clarification on it. Thanks!

Cheers for this bud.

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