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Dev Q&A - The Monolith of Fate

Below is a collection of questions from Mike’s weekly dev streams whose answers focus almost entirely on the Monolith of Fate. The updates Mike describes aren’t likely to arrive with patch 0.9, but it’s interesting to hear what could possibly be coming to the Monolith in the future.

I’ve transcribed everything to the best of my abilities, but you can click the source link to watch them for yourself.


Dude, you are a wonder… I am not fond of sitting through youtube videos (or have the time on Fridays) in the hopes something important comes up but would gladly skim through your transcripts anytime to see what gems Mike has let out of the bag.

Thanks for posting this.


Thanks man. I’m glad others find it useful, and there’s certainly more gems out there. :wink:

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The way Mike talks about adding stuff to mapping makes me so stoked to see what’s coming. In my eyes it’s the biggest improvement they can make to the game right now.


I always loved how Warframe had random encounters. Like the Stalker that randomly appears in maps but has to be triggered by killing bosses.

I could imagine it would be cool to have randomised events / special encounters that are tied to certain map types. And the more of the map types in the pool dedicated to that event will increase the chance for that encounter to appear. Not guaranteed, just increasing the chance, but in a way that is noticable.

People should not know this right away when entering a map. They would have to complete the bonus for stability to get to know if the encounter would spawn or not.

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yeah echo’ing what was already said, having these dev streams written out is super helpful and thank you so much for doing it. cant always catch it, feel like im missin out.

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I wholeheartedly agree. I can’t wait to see what this “awesome” version of the Monolith, and other current endgame systems, looks like. There’s a lot of great ideas being pitched here and I hope the execution is equally as great.

@RawSuicide Those are some great examples. However, I think there’s design space for randomized events/special encounters to offer both types of experiences – some that you know will appear or have a high chance to appear, and others that can appear at complete random. These completely random events would likely be the most thrilling and frustrating of the two, for basically for the same reason – the possibility of failure. Though, I feel that’s what would drive increased player engagement (likely more so for the dedicated player) to have these types of moments of risk/reward.

Thank you!
This is very useful! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Is it time to update the developer blog?
Looking forward to it!

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