Dev Last Epoch please we so exited

Devs please prepare ur Servers for Launch we wanna play when season start, not to type in discord or forum about technical issues.
We love ur game so much please mates give us a chance to start Cycle with good mood.
With love ur Fans <3

imagine a smooth launch with no glaring issues and pristine smoothness in every area…

the dream. knock on wood

i dont think there will be that many people tbh, so it might be possible.
just looking at the low activity here 3 hours before launch…

On a scale of 1-10 how crushed the servers will be I predict a 7. Unless they really screwed something up to make it unplayable there is enough new qol and stuff to bring a lot of people back. It will also be streamed heavily at launch which may attract even more new player to replace those that are not coming back yet. Edit: It is also 20% off during the Steam sale.

Might be related to the 24 hr downtime that is happening since yesterday until the patch drops

There’s actually never really too much activity here on the forum. I think the Discord channel would be a better gauge of any activity.

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So can we only update the game after the server opens? No way to queue before launch time? Feels so awkward when compared to poe lul

i wish we had a queue yeah.

for now spamming [Le-52] until it finally passes it is.