@DEV: Artor's Loyalty and Natural Bond: Are they cumulative?

I would really like a Dev to confirm this: Do Artor’s Legacy and Natural Bond work together or does one supersede the other?

I’ve searched and can’t find a definitive answer. And since the minion stat tab is highly unreliable, there’s no real way to tell if only one of those two passives actually work when both are chosen.

I currently only have AL and on the minion tab it shows 79% Increased Minion Damage, which can’t possibly be right. AL alone says 85% and I have another 49% with affixes. Increased Minion Melee Damage is at 210% which seems closer to being correct, but neither the passives nor the affixes specify Melee Damage. No idea what the math really is, and lacking a combat log, or more importantly, an actual number for the companion’s Damage per Second (it shows a number for Venom Nova) there’s only the unreliable “eyeball” test to determine the truth.

Thank you.

Update: I went ahead and selected NB (after backing up save file) and nothing whatsoever changed in the Minion tab. And yes, I re-summoned the Scorpion. And just for kicks I summoned the Bear, the Raptor and then the Wolves and no changes to the Minion stats (didn’t expect any).

Bugs notwithstanding, yes they should work together to give you 1.75 x 1.85 = 3.23 = 232% more companion damage, not minion damage.

It’s not always that the character sheet is wrong but that it’s not telling you what you think it’s telling you.

Since there is no companion damage modifier line on the character sheet there’s nowhere for those nodes to be pulled in to. Soi would’ve expe t any minion stat to be affected by a companion modifier (since most minions aren’t companions).

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Thank you, and yes, I said “minion” when I meant “companion”. I will be eternally conflating the two.

I really hope they work on the character sheet. A lot of confusion there.

Funny thing is that all the stats in the Minion tab use “minion” in the stat, but the last three lines use “companion”.

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Yeah, they were working on it but it got pushed back by multiplayer…

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