Detonating Arrow

Detonating Arrow works incorrectly with a passive skill “Barrage”, now the explosion happens in the opposite direction from the enemies


Having the same problem, detonating arrow explosion is always happening in front of the target instead of behind it

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same here.

Also exploding in the wrong direction using Jelkhors Blast Knife.
This patch brought so many bugs -_-

Only I found a skill that was aesthetically pleasing to play, and they broke it, it’s a shame

you still haven’t fixed it, how long can you wait?

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Has this been acknowledged? Having the same issue.

Shurikens shield node is also broke.

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Have the same issue here. Damn, now both Cinder strike and detonating arrow with barrage are bugged(

Same occurrence here.

It is still an issue.

yeah, annoying

Having the same issue.

Same here. It is still bugged.

Can confirm that even after 0.9.2i that the Detonating Arrow Barrage node is still not working as intended.

Yes, can confirm the confirmation :smiley: . Please fix soon as I love the skill