Detonating Arrow: Suckerpunch Arrow and Mana Arrow interaction

Was just doing some testing on the training dummy, it appears that Suckerpunch Arrow will not trigger if Mana Arrow is taken, or perhaps it is required that both successive arrows must fall within the 15% explosion chance to trigger (I haven’t seen this occur though).

I’m not certain that this is a bug, but if this is the correct behavior it does seem a bit misleading. My expectation was that while Mana Arrow would only trigger a detonation 15% of the time, once triggered, a second shot would cause Suckerpunch Arrow to take effect seeing as Suckerpunch Arrow doesn’t make any implication about the successive shot actually requiring an explosion.

Just wondering if this is the expected behavior. This isn’t really important for my build, but just curious. Mostly I just find it fun to trigger the bigger explosions :smiley:

I just tested it with increased arming time to make it easier to hit 2x 15%.
And by looking at the aoe explosion size i can tell you that it works :slight_smile:

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Thanks for taking the time to test it!

Seems pretty rough to compound the 15% like that though, makes Suckerpunch Arrow effectively useless when taking Mana Arrow. Which of course is fine, but I can’t help but feel the 15% is already harsh enough without requiring the second impacting arrow to also fall into that 15%. Then again given Mana Arrow is turning it into a mana builder skill it doesn’t matter that much.