Detonating arrow on hit effects not working

When using jelkhor’s blast knife and frostfang arrow:

Suckerpunch arrow node in detonating arrow does not function properly in that if you hit an enemy that already has an arrow, it only increases damage and radius approximately 20% of the time. This is very apparent when attacking a lone enemy such as an elite or boss. In this case suckerpunch arrow almost never procs (maybe 2% of the time).

Rapid detonation also does not seem to work in that sometimes explosions happen immediately regardless of a second hit and sometimes even with a second hit there is not instant detonation.

To be perfectly clear, the interaction between suckerpunch arrow and rapid detonation DOES NOT work either. Larger damage explosions only happen about 3/10 times, and never happen on a solitary, large enemy.


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Just use instant detonate with lightning tendrils or frostfang… it’s a lot more damage.

The whole point of the OP is that that interaction isn’t working. that is exactly what I am trying to do that isn’t properly functioning. lol

I’m experiencing the same thing running with puncture and a bow. Rapid Detonation doesn’t seem to proc and I’m trying to hit with both Detonating Arrow and Puncture.